June 29, 2006

Why is it called “taking a dump” when in reality, you are LEAVING one?

So, Separation Psychosis is reaching a fever pitch in the rancid le manse. I never thought the day would come that sees me on the toilet with a baby gripping my knees desperately, peering expectantly at me while I do my “bidness”. There you have it. Life’s Little Moments that I am always referring to in this blog. Not exactly Hallmark-worthy, but you take what you can get.

Thursday is MissedTVDay
Remember when Thursday was THE day you rushed home to watch TV because your VCR/TiVo combo was smokin' hot and couldn’t handle the action and you would need to watch at least ONE show that night LIVE or you would totally miss out on the watercooler scene Friday morning at the office? Not all of these shows were ever on the Must See TV lineup, but they came to mind as shows that I really liked. Most of them are obscure because I tried to choose the "loser" shows that the networks canned. Some of them never even made it past 4 episodes.

Damn. I miss Thursday night TV. Joey, I hardly knew ye and I hardly cared.

#1 Herman’s Head

#2 Three Sisters

#3 Stark Raving Mad

#4 Joan of Arcadia

#5 Love Monkey

#6 Out of Practice

#7 Committed

#8 Miss Match

#9 Cursed

#10 Arrested Development

My Own Little Love Monkey

Soon after I shot off these snaps, I told Arun that it was time to quit playing and go inside so that Mama could post the snaps to her blog. If I am going to document his babyhood, he’s just going to have to take one for the team. Priorities, you know?


MLE said...

I loved Herman's Head!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

You just made me spit coffee all over my screen. I remember when my SISTER would sit patiently outside of the bathroom for me and then say in her 4 year old raspy smoker's voice "you finished???"

Alex's Mom said...

Just wait until potty training time, when they REALLY examine what you are doing, as you are doing your "bidness". Pride flies out the window at that point.

And I loved Herman's Head too.

Zoot said...

yep. I've been perfecting my one-handed button/snap/zipper maneuver myself b/c I"m having to hold NikkiZ while I potty as well. heh.

FFF said...

I loved Miss Match! My little guy does the same thing when I'm sitting on the toilet!

Diana said...

Yeah. Hear you. The only place I get to pee in peace is at work, although these days, the cat and dog bother me more than the girl.