April 3, 2006

What the hell am I doing here?

I realize now that I wasn’t really in a Life Funk, but rather a Blogging Funk. I love my life, I am in an incredible Happy Place right now, I enjoy all the little things I do and I am still amazed by it all. But it doesn’t make for the most fascinating blog at times. I should have had a blog in my angst-ridden 20s instead of my 30s - the boyfriends and booze alone would have made better blog-worthy happenings. This Mommy Bloggin’ is a tough bidness and the competition is somethin’ fierce, dude. I can’t compete! First - obviously, I am no writer. And my family isn’t Mormon - just your average WASPs. Futhermore, as hard as I tried, I wasn’t fired from my job because of my blog (Dammit!). Also, I don’t live in a hip place like DC or New York City. Plus, I don’t have a cool profession like being a veterinarian or a doctor. To boot, I don’t do day care, so there are no interesting stories there. I was going to write a sarcastic "Dear Arun" letter, but was even beaten to the punch on that one. AND my kid hasn’t even been sick yet - just one day fighting a cold where I had to drag out the snot-sucker thingamabob a whole TWO times - so no drama THERE. Furthermore while pregnant, I didn’t even suffer from boob or ass sweat - or at least not enough to blog about anyway. Hell - even my kid’s BIRTH was pretty non-eventful. I never bothered with the whole Birth Story because really all it consisted of was "contraction, contraction, moan, groan, push, push, OUCH". The most interesting parts were when I got all tripped out on Nubain and then I almost didn’t get the epidural because I dilated so fast. While it WAS fun to see X totally ride the nurse’s ass on that one, it didn’t make enough for a WHOLE post.

No, no.... I am not complaining because my life is boring. It took me a lot of Booze, Boyfriends and Blubbering to get to Boring. I’d rather be HERE, thankyouverymuch. In fact, I saw my friend R.W. again last week and he started in on the whole “Asshole #1 had regrets” spiel. Bah. I stopped R.W. cold with an emphatic “Well, I don’t have regrets”. Because I don’t. Hell no. Make that a HELLLLL NO. If I hadn’t dated Asshole #1, I would have never met X. Being with X in my 30s? I’d totally do my 20s all over again to ensure being with X in my 30s. Except maybe with less hangovers.

So, I thought a lot about the whole Existential Blogging Thing over the weekend. Basically, I came to the conclusion that I need to totally get over myself already and just post about what I wanna post about - which frankly, is my kid, my knitting, and my books. Maybe some TV, too. And my Grandma's questionable taste in home decor. And, in that very vein, I am going to commence with my regularly scheduled, boring post on What I Did Over the Weekend......

So, Friday’s lunch with R and her daughter K went great. It was pretty exciting to see 9 month old K totally snarfing on the chicken curry and green bean thoren that I made. R’s Relaxed Mothering style is exactly what I aspire to be, so I like hanging out with them. Her daughter is so happy-go-lucky, I am hoping some of that sweetness will rub off on Arun.

Saturday, X and I went to dinner at la casa de Dorothy where we were joined by la familia de Goofy . It was fun to hang out, sample some yummy wines and eat pasta - X and I don’t normally eat pasta, so this was a special treat. As usual, Dorothy foisted off more toys on us. I think the actual quote was “TAKE THE TOYS”. Hell, she even carried them out to the car. Can't beat that with a stick, eh?

Sunday, I went to a book club meeting. We discussed the latest selection Night by Elie Wiesel. Honestly, this made for not such great discussion. Was it a good read? YES - I highly recommend this as a read - particularly, if you are trying to learn more about the Holocaust. But as a discussion point? I can’t recommend it. The group was all in agreement that the book was eloquently written and the story tragic, but the discussion waned quickly from there. Lately, we have also started including a movie as well. Since we had read High Fidelity, we watched that movie yesterday. I can't say I was very impressed with the movie - it didn't seem to really catch the flavor of the book as well as I had hoped - they also left out some of the very funniest lines from the book.

Anyway, in other Rancid Reads, I did finish Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant which was quite underwhelming. This book fell flat for me - it’s as if the author was trying very hard to write a movie-worthy book. I also finished About a Boy by Nick Hornby. LOVED this book. The movie has always been one of my very favorites, so I was curious about the book. One thing I really appreciated is that it was different than the movie. In fact, one plot point about the movie had always rang false for me and I was quite pleased to learn that book was different and didn’t include that particular plot point. Right now, I am reading Freakonomics : A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Can I just say how much I am LOVING this book? I want to EAT this book it is so yummy and delicious. I think this book could also be sub-titled the “softer side of Economics”. I am also reading The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler. I may have to update my blog profile because Tyler is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors - she has a gift for capturing those small nuances that make up everyday lives. Finally, a while back I had recommended the The Blind Assassin by Margeret Atwood. I should add to my recommendation that this book is a bit of a bite in the ass to get into. It took me well over 100 pages to hit what I call the “The Hook” (the point of no return). However, it was well worth slogging through those first 100 pages - I am STILL thinking about this book.

I’d like to end this post by saying how very, VERY cool I thought it was that last night’s episode of The Sopranos ended with Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days”. It was also very appropriate considering the lyrics - I’d like to see that happen to Paulie. pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease Because I think we can all agree that Paulie is one SICK FUCK.

Welcome to the jungle.............in Kansas.

Where apes are apes and men are afraid.

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