January 11, 2006

Which shoe is this?

As mentioned previously, 2005 was a really good year for us and I mentioned how good of a year it was FREQUENTLY. To the casual observer, this may have seemed tantamount to bragging, but actually, it was merely my pathetic attempt to keep the gods of Misfortune at bay. All of 2005, I had the lingering suspicion that Something Really Bad was going to happen that would nullify all the Somethings Really Good. And I was nearly correct. Earlier this week, Something Not Really Great happened. It’s the sort of event that will result in a total life change for X. At least it wasn’t Really Bad and therefore, no one is going to die and we can deal with it, but as the title implies, it’s Not Really Great, either.

The oddest part is that I am somewhat relieved. In the back of my mind, I was dreading SOMETHING, but just wasn’t sure what it was going to be. Now, I feel like I know what that Something is and I can move forward and just be happy with what I have got for a change.

Anyway, think good thoughts for us, please. Things will be okay, but we have some adjustments coming.

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