April 1, 2008

If you mated a bulldog and a shitzu, would it be called a "bullshit"?

The other day Anju had woken from her nap and was crying. As X and I started for the stairs to get her, Arun said "No, I do it! I do it! Arun's turn!" As he went up the stairs he was emphatic, "Anju, I coming! I coming! It's okay, Anju! It's okay!" By the time we made it up the stairs, he was in bed with her, hugging her and patting her head. She was laughing and babbling away at him. Now, if I could only teach him how to change her diaper and style her hair, I would be home free.

One of my favorite, new blogs these days is Ain't No Free Lunch.It is written by GA who happens to be the Beloved of Rita, the brains behind Surrender, Dorothy. It is like reading about their lives in stereo. It is not quite like peeking through a keyhole (darn it!), but it is still good fun reading about situations from a He Said, She Said perspective. I wish I could get X to blog. The CPA in me would kill for having that kind of documentation factor in my marriage. I mean, not that I would print off backups to use in the event of a heated discussion or court case. Never.

So, GA has a great, great post on the "economic stimulus" check coming in the mail soon. Sure, I will take the money, but I think the whole thing is silly - just a way to politicians to make their voters happy in an election year.

Anyway......recently, the big hullabaloo going on in Travolta Chateau has been the Great Wii Debacle of 2008. GA bought a Wii on eBay. Rita was not happy. They worked it out and decided to keep the Wii, after all. I have been walking on coals this past week - trying to convince my own beloved that we truly need to help GA out and take that Wii off of his hands, quietly egging GA on in the background that he should keep it all while being careful of my status as Rita's Friend. Besides, I don't want to ruin my status as Welcome Visitor because HELLO! I want to be invited to Game Night. I mean, I may be greedy and sneaky, but I am not stoopid.


Chocolate Covered Susan said...

I love the Arun story - that's too funny! It's actually my greatest fear that my dear daughter will be doing that and worse with my newborn!! I'm going to have to start training now so that I can run faster than she can.

elizasmom said...

Haaaa! That is funny. What a good brother!

dorothy said...

I have to say it's been incredibly helpful to read about MY OWN LIFE in stereo. Everyone's husband should blog.

And yes, there will be game night, as soon as I recover from the little angel's birthday and BlogHer Biz!

LL said...

omg, that is too cute! I love the "It's okay, Anju! It's okay!" Makes me want to give him a hug... and hire him as an extra care giver for Landon ;)

CPA Mom said...

I love it when my kids treat each other like that too. Sometimes our little girl only wants her big brother and it is SO cute.

Then he trips her and it's over.

your title? Made me Laugh.Out.Loud. Best ever.