April 9, 2008

All done?

I am seriously behind on emails. In fact, I have owed Jenny an email for months. Recently, she commented that she has trains! for! sale! Suddenly, I have free time to email her because I am a Train Whore. So, there you have it, Innernets. If you need an immediate response from me, offer to sell me something. It worked for Jenny!

Ah, it is my very favorite time of the year! Our subdivision's garage sale is looming. The past two garage sales in which I participated happened to be while I was pregnant. My energy was just not into it, but I did manage to drag my woebegotten junk out to my driveway and wearily collect nickels and dimes anyhow.

This year is different. So very, very different. I am not pregnant and have finally emerged from the postpartum fog that has been haunting me. I am totally jazzed about collecting all those nickels and dimes this year. To boot, I am getting rid of most of our baby gear.

Yes, you read that correctly - baby gear. Crib, high chair, bouncy seats, swing, jumperoo, baby bathtubs. Gone, baby, GONE. We are done having babies, so there is no need to keep that stuff now. I think I am supposed to be weepy that it is going, but I am having difficulty shedding tears because I cannot wait to get all that crap outta of my house.

Anjali has slept no more than twenty winks in the crib - we are firmly in the co-sleeping camp and as long as everyone is sleeping, she can sleep with me until she heads to kindergarten for all I care. One thing I have not complained about here is sleep deprivation, now have I? Furthermore, she refuses to sit in anything that Arun is not sitting in. She wants to be with him and screams if you try to put her in the high chair now.

However, X and I were chuckling at what the neighbors will think with all the baby gear in our driveway in a few weeks. After all, we obviously have a baby, because we hang out in our front yard all the time with her.

Tons of Flickrage to be had - this is just a sampling of about 30 photos recently uploaded. All photos are set to private, but invite me as a Flickr friend if you want to see the rest. I am assuming that if you are reading my blog, you are probably not a pervert.


I'm a Jayhawk.

Practicing His Paparazzi Wave or His Perp Walk. Your choice.

Damn Straight, They Had Better Be WASHABLE.


The View from my Chair. Lucky me! No?

A Pair of Jokers

I did not work for Arthur Anderson - I was of the Coopers & Lybrand, then the Ernst and Young persuasion. However, a friend of mine worked for AA and gave me a set of wine glasses with their logo. One of which recently broke in this odd way that left the name mostly intact.

Piano Key
This is the very cool key that locks our piano. I am not sure why someone would need to LOCK up their piano, but this key is so beautiful.


Christy said...

I think I am going to keep our baby gear FOREVER. I am terrified that the minute I give something away, I'll end up pregnant again.

Cagey said...

POX on you! :-)

Jenny said...

Hah! You may have it all, I should pay YOU to take it off my hands. Also an entire box of Rescue Heroes, Rescue Hero Airship Base and some kind of spaceship thing, all KINDS of little boy fun stuff. Need a toddler bicycle with training wheels, red and blue and yellow for BOYS?
Maybe you should just stop by my garage sale. Or better yet, you can come over now and take it all and I can just skip cleaning my garage and getting it ready. :)

Goofy Girl said...

Hold the phone! Define "baby gear"...anything a small two-year-old (about 18 mos size-wise) could use? If so, you might not have to even drag the stuff to your driveway - I'll take it now.

Lemme know whatcha got!

Tina said...

You could have a Blog Sale-- all in your comments! (Shipping would be pain tho)

As for the key to the piano...that's for kids like my 2 year old who doesn't understand "Gentle, Don't bang!" and LOVES to play on it. There are times I wish ours had a cover for the keys, but he'd figure out quite quickly how to move it.

LuAnn said...

Great post

elizasmom said...

Soooo — did the marker come off?

Diana said...

Heh, heh, heh.

I've not found those markers to be quite as washable as I'd hoped. Yes, it comes off the kid eventually, but not with a quick swipe of the rag (and not always completely out of a light-colored shirt if it's a really heavy, dark stain).

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about your experiences with co-sleeping. We did not with our first, although he slept in our room for a long time. We kinda did with our second because I would nurse in bed and we would fall asleep. Our third is now one month old and he has been in our bed from the beginning. I am a little worried about suffocation issues, but I am taking all the nec. precautions.

Anyway, as the babies get older and more movey-aroundy, how does it work for you? Do you put the kids to bed in your bed at night? Do you go to bed at the same time as them or sneak in later? Do they both sleep with you? Do they nap there?

I am wondering what the future holds for us! But it is true - our newest little guy sleeps big chunks at night. When I try to put him in his bassinet he grunts and groans and moves around, but next to me he is quiet and peaceful.

Alimomof3 (formerly Alimomof2!)

Dee said...

Baby stuff??? I happen to know someone who would be glad to purchase some of that baby stuff, particularly the jumparoo, if you are interested in selling prior to the garage sale.

Also, we should schedule that playdate soon. My maternity leave is almost over already. E-mail me.

lorib said...

I see a really funny picture coming out of this sale. A row of baby gear with big price tags and there is Anjali among it all with a FOR Sale sign on her too. I know, a little twisted, but I'm an art director. I'll do a lot for a great photo. =)