April 23, 2008

Why is the the fear of long words called "hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia"? Is that not just cruel??

It's Not Snot. It's not.
I have mentioned previously that the downside of having your children 20 months apart is the overlap of teething. In that vein, it seems that Arun may be working on his last two molars - as evidenced by his repeated requests for me to provide the healing powers of a mother's kiss by kissing his teeth. Anjali is working on her two upper front teeth.

Folks, my cup runneth over with mucus and I am now that proverbial mommy with shmears of snot decorating her clothes. It looks as if I have been herding snails over here.

The Lady of the Hour

The Great Bossy Meetup was most excellent. It was so fun to see old Real Life friends, Blog Friends and to make a few new friends as well. Dorothy, ChaCha, Jenny, Average Jane, Dawn, Criquette, and of course, Bossy! were all in attendance. A good time was had by all, I believe.

After Saturday's Mini-Meetup, I am definitely feeling a psyched about BlogHer 08 - I am ready to mix n' mingle. During the past BlogHers that I attended, I tended to get overwhelmed with all the folks. In my defense, I was HUGE and pregnant while lumbering around BlogHer 05. During BlogHer 06, I was a little flustered worrying about Arun. I am hoping this time around to get out of my shell a bit and meet more folks. Although, I suspect that I will be worried about Anjali. If she so much as quivers a lip, I will not be able to leave her in the childcare thingie. Sigh.

Rockin' Robin
Are you tweetin' on Twitter? I have been having my way with it lately and am quite enjoying it. It is like having your own teeny space to do smallish blog-like snippets for those days when you do not have the time to cobble together a full coherent post. I can be found here, if you decide to begin tweetin' yourself.

Lately, I have been a wee bit obsessed with my GoodReads account. I add books, then think of even more that I can add. The site is WAY too easy and makes it all that more tempting to keep clicking away, adding books that one has read. One evening, I spent two hours clicking away. Two hours that I could have actually spent reading, so no - that particular piece of irony is not lost upon me.


Shalini said...

I have been tempted to join Twitter for a long time-seems like fun-so I finally took the jump!

Mamma Sarah said...

Hmmmm... don't need to add one more thing to my plate right now... but maybe in the future.

Sorry to hear you have become a snail herder. Doesn't sound like fun and something I will keep a mental note about.

I thought of you the other day as I was googling SpongeBob wallborders for Alex's room. Ran across a bunch of Thomas ones that were way cute. :-D

LuAnn said...

Request permission to use your nugget in my English class with my kiddos. I'd ask in person but I don't think I'll see you Monday night.

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Anonymous said...
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