April 30, 2008

Why does Dodge make a car model called Ram?

I am working on a project for X. As of today, we are still married. Go us! The project is for FoodieBytes and sadly, I am doing some research with pictures that are making me hungry. All of the time. Anyway, posting will be light this week but I did want to pop out a few things:

Have you seen the site Oddee?? If not, I command thee to click through NOW, but make sure you have an hour or so of your life that you will not even want back. This site is subtitled "A Blog on the Oddities of Our World", if that gives you a glimpse of all the gooey goodness it has to offer. YUM.

I am reading Jhumpa Lahiri's newest release, Unaccustomed Earth. It is so good. These are the days when I do miss being Kid Free because I would love to just laze around some afternoon and finish this in one reading.

And finally - some more Simian Snaps....for truly, I am the lowest brand of Mommybloggin' Whore. I exploit my kids AND do not accept even a nickel for it. (Please note the dripping sarcasm. I think it is ridiculous that YET AGAIN, mommybloggers are being targeted for "pimping their kids")

My Mother Sold My Highchair.
Look at how far her circumstances have been reduced.

More Barrette Pictures. Just in case.
My nefarious plan is in motion.
He shall never be homecoming king.


Jenny said...

your nefarious plan is screwed my dear. Because those dimples? Totally belong to a Homecoming King. snort.

Diana said...

You know, he's so pretty I don't think even those barette snaps will prevent his election as Homecoming King. Good try, though.

Now as blackmail material; pure, solid gold.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

So so when are you going to start letting me ask him questions like

1) Arun, what was it like before you learned how to talk?

2) Is it better to be feared than loved?

3) What do you feel about the fact that your brain will shuttle this memory away and in two years you won't remember having had this conversation? How will you feel when I remind you of it?

4) How do you deal with frustration?

Oh wait, you won't let me torture him even though we're friends...because his mental health comes first or something. Hmph.

Tell baby boy he does INDEED look pretty, but he always has, actually. Baby girl, too.

(also X sideswipe made me laugh, as did lawnmowing related phone crowing)

(I feel a lot better having talked to you about that stuff last weekend. Thank you for listening)

Me said...

I'm so jealous - both your kids will leave barrettes in! Neither of mine will.