March 10, 2005

How low can I go?

Currently, life has been a big span of nothingness interspersed with little bright spots of “somethingness” here and there. X came home earlier this week and that always makes my day after he has been gone for so long. Which is a good thing, I suppose. I should be far more worried if I didn’t look forward to his return, right?

The irony is that while not much has been happening in my life, I have really mourned the lack of blogging I have been up to lately. I miss the daily creation of SOMETHING – a feeling I don’t get very often at work. Not blogging has produced a bit of a hole in my creative self but there isn’t much interesting going on to blog ABOUT. I haven’t been feeling well enough to even knit or do much else besides read books. Even TV holds little attraction these days. So all I have to write about it what I am reading. However, writing about books smacks of being a book critic – something I am just not objective enough to pull off. I am reading a book right now that I absolutely loathe, but I certainly don’t want to blog about it and subject anyone to my uninformed, prejudiced opinion.

I realized how desperate I was for blogging material when I came to the conclusion I shouldn’t take the day off for St. Patrick’s Day next week as I have already missed so much work for illness. I was looking so forward to the parade I was going to attend with my dad marching in his kilt in his inevitable drunken state. As much as I looked forward to this day, I had to admit to myself that I really looked forward to WRITING about it.

So, while life is very good right now, life is still quite boring. While I am still enjoying the little moments of cuddling with a kitty and a good book, if life doesn’t improve soon in the ways of entertainment, I may just start making $hit up!

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