March 7, 2005

Who says routines are boring?

The weekend was pretty uneventful, but since I felt human again, I wasn’t complaining for the lack of excitement. Saturday, I had lunch with my Grandma, sister, and the Nephews. Then I went to a play date at a friend’s house – it was nice to see everyone’s little kiddies. X had left town Thursday night, so by Saturday evening, I was feeling at loose ends and out of sorts. I decided to hunker down with a book and just be freakin’ grateful that I could breathe through both nostrils. It was tough, but I managed to keep a somewhat good attitude going. Sometimes, mild depression really is a case of mind over matter.

I fared better on Sunday – I went to the gym! I hadn’t done a cardio in 3 weeks or any weights in 2 weeks, so it felt GREAT to get going again. I was so happy to be there, that I only got mildly annoyed at the mother who thought her bratty little boys belonged in the weight training area despite the sign that clearly indicated otherwise. Later, on the elliptical machine, I watched my college basketball team, the Kansas Jayhawks, go down in a blaze but unfortunately not of the glory sort. I am SO ready for March Madness, though! During March Madness, I will watch any team play, it’s just so exciting during tournament time.

Today, I’m ready for routines to start up again. First up - tonight is Raku Night. Every Monday that I do Raku (a Japanese form of firing pottery), I have a routine. I get out of work as early as possible and head over to my favorite noodle place, the Blue Koi. I just love snuggling into a table with a book, some dumplings, tofu and a nice cup of tea. Particularly, I love doing this by myself - there is something very relaxing about doing it by myself - no stress of rushing to make a certain time, I can order what I want, and there is no splitting the bill. I like the peacefulness of being alone. Afterwards, if I have time, I wander over to a cool used bookstore across the street and try to avoid impulse purchasing.

These past few days, I have felt sort of like a bear, stretching and yawning as I emerge from hibernation. Saturday, it was odd to put on FITTED pants, instead of my usual sweats. I even broke out the hairdryer. But it all felt good and I am ready for the routine of life again.

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