March 30, 2005

What's the secret to a good shopping experience? Price or Purchase?

My father is a tightwad. It is physically painful for him when he and his money go their separate ways. My secret fantasy has always been to be miserly like him because one of life’s great conundrums is that cheapskates tend to have more money. So, I do strive to be like my dad. However, all my attempts are tainted with irony. I let shampoo bottles stand on end to get every last drop out of ‘em. But they’re from the Aveda salon. I keep the same phone for over 3 years, only to turn around and buy a ridiculously un-needed expensive one. I try to avoid Starbucks and make coffee at home instead but use a fancy 11.99/lb brand. I bring lunch to work, but it is often leftovers from the over-priced meal the night before. I buy a $3 art print and spend $50 getting it framed. So while these activities might be considered thrifty, they never quite reach the cheapskate status I desire. But, I try.

My newest quest for savings has been in the area of what is delicately known as “intimate apparel”. Recently, I decided I needed to chuck all my bras and start fresh. In the past, I have been a Victoria’s Secret gal because they DO have nice, quality bras. This time, however, I decided to give it a go at Target. Straight away, I missed the ubiquitous perky salesgirl. I had to shuffle through all those damned bras BY MYSELF like a commoner. The nerve! I did finally find a few that were my size but then had to suffer the humiliation of The Purchase. There was something unnerving about my “intimate apparel” just hanging out on a conveyor belt with my bread, soymilk, and light bulbs. Of course, I got the smirking highschooler for added effect. Needless to say, the purchasing part of the transaction was unfulfilling - I certainly missed the pink tissue paper and cute bag. However, I will admit other than the actual buying of the said bras, they were a good fit, seem to be of good quality and were a fraction (1/4 to be exact) the cost of Victoria’s Secret. I’m sold (for now!)

I recently had my 2nd trip to Great Clips. Again, I had a great haircutting experience – I really like how they do my hair. However, I miss the fancy d├ęcor and smells of a salon. Although I don’t miss any of my recent hairstylists, I do miss having a CONSISTENT one. However, I have decided to give the discount hair places a 6 month trial (I may try Fantastic Sam’s next!). After all, I AM happy with my hair AND in love with the saving of over $30 bucks every visit.

Maybe I could be like my dad after all.

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