April 5, 2009

What the flagnog?

Ah, I have myself a new Progeny-Proofed Profanity. I mean, sure, "frock" is pretty fucking good, but "flagnog"? Even fucking better.

Yes, we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens this afternoon, which was utterly delightful and provided today's post title. I arrived at the theatre with my obligatory Token Child in tow at 2:40pm only to find out the earliest showing available was 3:30pm. Oof. Fortunately, Arun was a real trooper and it was nothing that some parmesan fries could not fix (we caught a viewing at AMCs Fork & Screen thingie which has really yummy, utterly over-priced food.)

So, those of you following me on Twitter and Facebook may have noticed my ranting on about my Disney Disgust. No, this Disgust is nothing new and oh my, how I despise the whole Disney Princess thing, but I was irked today when my grandma gave me grief about my firm anti-Disney stance. See, it rankles me that there is this implication that one's childhood will not be perfect unless Disney is a part of it. Bah. I have never seen Lady and the Tramp and yet? I managed to go to college, get married, have children and somehow remain a productive member of society.

I did not dutifully move my Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew collections from house to house to apartment to apartment from Oskaloosa KS to Tonganoxie KS to Lawrence KS to Kansas City to St. Louis and then BACK TO Kansas City so that my daughter could worship some frocking Disney-themed two-bit whore, flagnog, it.

Or something like that. Issues, much?

Not me.

Jackson Pollack, Eat Your Heart Out
This is one is for Mojavi and Marathon Mom (my sister). They both would not believe that my uptight ass would let Arun make such a mess unless I have the snappage to prove otherwise.

Fashionista In the Making
Brother's pajamas, Diego backpack and a hat from the Target Dollar Section. If you like it, put a ring on it. SNAP.

Waiting at the Airport

Team Chaos


LL said...

I love Trixie Beldon books! My grandparents have the whole collection and one of my favorite things about visiting them was getting to read as many more of the series as I possibly could. I'm going to have to do some Amazon marketplace searches to find a volumes copies for my own library.

jodifur said...

what did you think the right age range for the movie was? I was thinking of taking my four year old and then I thought he might be too young.

Mojavi said...

omg lol.. i was thinking surely that wasn't at her house!! lol... rememebr the cups for valentines day?

also I can't wait for the day your baby girl wants to play dress up.... Cinderella style LOL!!!

flybunny said...

I have already done my time with the pink princess hell and I am doing my darndest to not have Tyler do the same although the big girls are trying to get her into them right now and it is driving me bonkers.

Trixie Belden- I used to have the entire series but my parents sold some of them to a collector when they moved so now I am trying to find them again so that my girls can read them. I spent many a hour in the back seat of my parents unconditioned car reading those books on road trips!

Cagey said...

Ah, but she can dress up Cinderella style at YOUR house, is that not what friends are for? Hee.

I am sure she will want to do dress up, I just don't believe it has to have a trademarke on it.

Marsha said...

Trixie Belden!!!! Woohoo!!! I LOVE those books. It helps that Trixie was an obnoxious redhead, just like me... hope your kids love them!

LazyMom said...

Yes...I think Disney is a communist plot...avoid it at all costs.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

What about the Bobbsey Twins?

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Also, wait, wasn't Trixie a blonde with curls and bright blue eyes? And she was perpetually semi-jealous of that gorgeous girl with the straight black hair and violet eyes that seemed to be a shoutout to Elizabeth Taylor?

Anonymous said...

I"m with monkey...what about the bobbsey twins?

I never actually opened the Nancy Drew collection it was my mom's..but I worshiped at the alter....and still fantasize about Ned.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Brit, apparently at some point they changed his name to Ted!!!

Also does anyone else remember the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Re-Loaded and Re-Upped from the late 80s/90s? The one where Hardy #2's gf (Ileana??) gets blown up by a bomb and Nancy and Ned are a lot hotter and heavier than in their other iterations? It's sort of like ND/HB meets James Bond and they're always gallivanting off on cruises and such.

Heza Hekele said...

Team Chaos: And What a Team it Seems to be!

Gorgeous shots!

Marathon Mom said...

I am so proud of you!:)

BlueKDesign said...

I too loved the alien expletive flagnog. Though in my memory from the movie, it transmogrified to 'fartnarg,' which I like even better. Except now the kids are yelling fartnarg at the top of their lungs.

My family-friendly expletive of choice is 'jackal' - a contraction of jack@ss and @ssh0le. It's extremely discriptive AND satisfying.