April 17, 2009

Do pediatricians play miniature golf ?

Bang! Bang!

  • Daddy's Girl Bethiclaus asked me about Anjali's hair and if it was going straight or not. Eh. I am not sure The new hair coming in is actually still curly. When I wet it down and scrunch it, we still get ringlets. The reason it was looking straight in some snaps I uploaded is that I was brushing it straight to experiment. Frankly, she looked like a bag lady and we are back to Finger Picking and Scrunching. I can report that X needs a hair cut and when he gets out of the shower, before he brushes it straight, Anjali's hair looks suspiciously like his.
  • Backpack...Backpack....Anjali Sr. wanted a reporting back on the backpack. I love, love the backpack itself. I am still not 100% happy with carrying a backpack and not a handbag. But time and time again, the backpack is proving itself far more convenient. I am also not having a problem with the drawstring enclosure, but I am the type to keep all loose odds n' ends enclosed in pockets. If the backpack gets knocked over and a few dinosaurs or Little People happen to tumble to their deaths, we are none worse for the wear.
  • Paging Dr. Clooney.....The other day, it became obvious that Anjali needed to go to the doctor. However, it was 4:30pm and the doctor recommended a visit to Urgent Care, rather than waiting. So, off Anjali and I went. For two hours. Two hours. Where Anjali got to eat two special popsicles while we waited for a urine sample. While we waited. And waited. And waited some more. While Anjali gleefully played in the exam room taking her dinosaurs on a tour, spinning them around on the fancy chair, showing them the bright lights of the x-ray display. When we were finally done? She screamed and pitched a fit "Wanna see doctor again. Doctor! DOCTOR!" And the next day when we went to drop off some more sample? Both kids were peeved and complained that they did not get to go in. Are my children the only ones who love the doctor?

Future Free Rangers of America


Anjali said...

Glad you are enjoying the backpack! I'm sure it does getting used to after doing the shoulder-bags for so long. But it is REALLY nice to have two usable hands!

Lisa said...

Love that photo! Where are you guys here? Beautiful area.

Bethany said...

My kids love their doctor, if we drive by his building they want to stop just to say hi.

I've been reading the Free Range Kids blog (thanks to you) and now I must get the book.

Abby said...

I'd like to keep a microchip on my kids. :-) That's not exactly free-range!