April 10, 2009

Do you mind?

I think I am going to scoot back into my safe cocoon where my friend does not have stage 4 cancer. And where I am going to Vegas without children. And where J and I are going to play roulette until the sun comes up. This version will not feature hangovers, however.

Okay. There. Sometimes blogging can be cathartic. But I also do not want to litter this space up with mental meanderings bordering on the sad side, which is why I am trying to end the week on a positive note. This is why I do not talk much about J or even my Great Aunt P (her house is being cleaned out for the upcoming estate auction. And there is something about that process that is so final. ) I am hoping for my 5 year blogging anniversary to make this blog into a book via Blurb (one copy for myself, nothing more). To not talk about the undercurrent of sadness running through my life once in awhile would make that book lacking, somehow (at times, I wonder if I will regret not talking about the PPD, although realistically, I think it was safer to leave that out of Rancid Raves.)

Anyway, I am thinking of doing some sort of post about traveling with kids. This will be my first trip with both kids together, so I have been wrapping my head around how I am going to accomplish my Less Is Actually LESS motto of travel. But truly, I love, love going places with my kids. I do not think I have any magical techniques, but seriously, there are a lot of folks out there who do not seem to enjoy traveling with their kids and I have to question why. I love to take my kids to see new things - the look in their eyes is worth all the extra work and the aching muscles. It was really tempting to take the kids with me to BlogHer so that we can do Chicago together, but in the end, I decided I really need to make BlogHer about me and seeing my friends. I am making BlogHer my own personal sabbatical.

To end this week on a high note?
Yesterday, as I was cooking dinner, Arun and I had a deep, serious conversation about the food sources available for the mighty T-Rex. When I explained that the T-Rex likes to munch on other dinosaurs, he asked if that included the triceratops, which is Anjali's favorite dinosaur. I had to be honest and admit that yes, T-Rexes eat the poor triceratops. His reply "Well, I am not going to tell Anjali because it will hurt her feelings." Then he cheered up considerably, "Hey, can I tell Daddy??!!"

Yes, sweet boy, you can. Yes, you can.


Anjali said...

I like traveling with my kids, too. (For the most part, at least.) Though I'm REALLY looking forward to taking a solo trip once #3 is weaned.

Best to your friend J.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Awww. Arun has a sense of empathy!

jennster said...

lol- that is adorable. i love it. what a sweetheart.

Leah said...

I love traveling with kids too. I just wish my husband did. He thinks it's too much work.

Moderndayhermit said...

For us, short jaunts never seem to do well. BUT, my son is such a great traveler - 1600 miles driving or thousands of miles in the air. He's a real joy and I mean that without an ounce of sarcasm.

There was a moment on a flight to Oregon that didn't go so well due to him not having his own seat available but that's it.

He's better behaved than my husband and that is no bullshit. (Husband has severe traveling issues after his accident for some reason.)

jodifur said...

Can't wait to see you at blogher!

Jessica said...

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