April 13, 2009

Huh? Huh.

I began two very different, yet equally snarky posts today. Neither felt right and I just did not have the heart to finish them.

So, instead of snarky, I am going to shoot for maudlin. Bring your own damned syringes of insulin and set your pancreas on alert.

A few months ago, I registered Anjali for the same school that Arun attends - she begins in the fall. A month ago, I bought her lunchbox (we needed it anyway for picnics and such.) Today, I ordered her backpack (we needed anyway for our trip to Las Vegas.) When we go to stores, Arun and Anjali not only hold hands, but they walk together into the store with me. At home, they bicker over toys, food and their parents (My mama! No! MY MAMA! My daddy! No! MY DADDY!) In the car, they bicker over who likes dinosaurs (I like dinosaurs! NO! I LIKE DINOSAURS!) Yet, if one of them is napping or out of the house, the other wanders listlessly around the house asking for the other. And often, they will disappear to far corners of our house to play together quietly. And often, in the car, if Anjali is upset and crying, Arun will reach over, grab her hand whereupon she immediately stops crying.


Somehow, despite my firm, committed stance on Lazy Parenting, these babies managed to not only survive, but they have thrived and are now children. And that is okay. This is not a sappy post about missing my babies. No, I think I relished their babyhoods enough and besides, this new stage is so much fun. I have no desire to go backwards. I do enjoy the little persons they are becoming and I am excited to meet the people they will become.

Currently, Anjali keeps saying "Mama, I have poopy butt. MAMA, I have poopy BUTT." Then, she giggles because she knows she should be saying "bottom" and not "butt". I suspect I will not be giggling myself in a few minutes.

Or maybe, I will, after all. Before I know it, she will be wiping her own poopy butt.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're embracing the next stage ... I never let myself do that. Each stage is new, different, exciting. And while it's hard to admit that my two are now 14 and 17, I'm really enjoying the little people they turned out to be.

Enjoy your journey.

(What gorgeous shots, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

Oops -- I meant to say I never let myself mourn the stages left behind. Remind me to never type when I've taken this much Benadryl again. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this stage as well, where they play together and with each other. My guys are for ever making out in the grocery line..and hugging and introducing each other to strangers. "this is my brudder!".

At home they cry and scream over trains, knock each other down, roll over and over on the floor, gripping and squeezing (they haven't caught on to punching yet...there is stilltime).

I love watching as they become friends and hope that they always will be.

MLE said...

You and X made such gorgeous children. And I love hearing that they are friends.

MommyWizdom said...


That was way better than snarky.

I loved everything you wrote.

Have a great week!


bethiclaus said...

Anjali's hair looks so straight in these pictures. Is that just the pictures or is she really going straight?

Paz is too young yet to really tell us much about Alegria, but when I pick her up from her classroom, she runs to Alegria instead of me at least half the time. So sweet to see my kids love each other like that, especially since I'm an only child and didn't really understand until now.

Sorry I can't leave my email address in here. For some reason, Blogger doesn't agree with Google about what my password actually is.