August 6, 2008

Why the hell would someone go jogging in a black hoodie in the middle of August in Kansas?

Seriously, folks. This afternoon, I was at a park with the kids enjoying lunch. In the car, with the A/C on because it is so flippin' hot. I look at the window and see a guy get out of his car, do a couple of stretches, then put on a black, long-sleeved hoodie. Then, he takes off jogging. Suspicious? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, I took down his license plate info.

I have some linkage today......

First, Goofy Girl has the most hilarious footage of her new son. You would never guess that just a few short weeks ago, he was in Russia and now, he's already here in the States, totally stylin' and profilin'. Word out, yo. Anyway...... if you need a bit of laughter to jumpstart your afternoon, then I highly suggest heading over there to check it out (watch very closely for his prowess with the eyebrow action). This is definitely safe for work, that is, if it is acceptable behaviour in your place of employment for you to roll out of your chair with maniacal laughter.

Second, Suburban Turmoil has a great post on the general public's perception of what bad parenting may or may not be. Bah. In short, she turned her back on her 4 year old for an instant in an ice cream shop and an little old biddy totally dressed her down for it. I do let Arun get out of eyeshot and arm's reach quite often. And yep, I know folks are judging. I have to hold firm that I am doing the best to raise my children to not be afraid of their world. In general, folks who are easily frightened accomplish very little in their lives. I want more than that for my children. I want them to embrace their world for all that it holds - the good and the bad. Yes, people suck. But I would rather my kids not grow cynical quite yet. That is what college is for, no?

Third, as I am now a part of the BlogHer ad network, I did set up a review site called The Queen of the Free Bees. I have reviewed a book in the post titled The Buzz on "The Pregnancy Instruction Manual" by Sarah Jordan. In short, if I review something here on Rancid Raves you can be assured that I either received the item as a personal gift or that I paid for it myself. If I review it on the Free Bees site, then you know that it is something that I received for free specifically for my reviewing pleasure.

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Good N Crazy said...

HI, the title of you blog cracks me up!

And I know a lady who jogs in extremely hot workout clothes, and then drives around with the HEAT on in JULY August and windows up...why? Because she is training for a running race in Death Valley?

So maybe...or maybe he's just a weirdo?