August 5, 2008

Can I confess?

That some days, I want to hop in my car and escape far, far away to a coffee shop and spend the whole day knitting something very, very complicated that requires counting stitches and absolute concentration?

That, conversely, I am looking forward to August with Arun being out of school for the month? Besides, it will be nice to have him all to myself and not have to schedule around his school days.

That I am a wee bit obsessed with the whole Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt thing? Yes, I totally feed the paparazzi and I am duly ashamed of my behaviour.

That I am jealous of those naked bloggers who totally lay bare their souls on their sites? I wish I could write those sorts of things and get them out of my system, but I feel restricted by my family's privacy.

That I listen to Dr. Laura nearly every day? While I disagree wholeheartedly with her stance on gays and lesbians, I do agree with her general principles regarding family and marriage.

That my very favorite cheeseburger of all is a simple McDonald's cheeseburger? However, hold the ketchup! Sugaring up a bunch of pureed tomatoes ruins a perfectly good burger. Bleh.

That I love, love buying my kids toys? This one really sucks because obviously, I am going to have reign myself in. Otherwise, I will end up with two very spoiled brats.

That I like Spongebob Squarepants? I feel as if I should turn in my Mom Card on this one. *gulp*

That I have trouble getting Anjali to sleep? X puts her to bed each night, so they have a routine down that I cannot, for the life of me, replicate. And yes, naptime is hell. Is this where I mention that X has to work really late tonight, so I am on my own with her bedtime routine?

That I have fallen off the wagon in regard to my Coke habit? I am managing to keep myself to about one can a day, but I really feel I should do another soda fast.

Okay, lay it on me, people of the Blue Nowhere. What is darkening your soul these days?


MLE said...

That I need a new job and have no motivation to actually do what it takes to get one.

That I probably put way more time and effort into my sister's wedding than I should have (she didn't do jack for mine).

That all I want to do is sleep.

That a big part of me wants to starve myself down to a far smaller clothing size again just to see if I can.

Sorry, feeling a little bleah these days and you asked!

flybunny said...

That I really need to find a job since my severance/insurance runs out at the end of the month but I have trouble making myself look for a job.

That I want to go sit by the pool and read uninterrupted for as many hours as is humanly possible

That I like to watch Phineas and Ferb on Disney channel and will watch it even when the girls are not home

That no matter how bad it is for me, I don't think I will ever give up my Coke habit

That even though I was the one who wanted and bought our Wii, I enjoy it far more watching my family play than I do playing myself

I love your list and your honesty!

Dee said...

That I would be perfectly happy to send my kids to day care and spend an entire day by myself reading blogs.

That I sometimes listen to kids music all the way to work because even though I can turn it off it is just easier to leave it on.

That I spend way more money buying clothes for my girl than I ever did for my boy because girl clothes are just too cute to pass up.

That I have tons to do at work and instead I'm reading your blog!

Bethany said...

That I am overly stressed out about not having a job. And husband may be getting laid off.

That I miss blogging even though I haven't done much of it the last several months.

That I really, really need about five hours to myself to recharge but can't seem to get even five minutes.

That I am sick of my own cooking.

That I started smoking again.

That my attempts at quitting are not going well.

That I could kick myself for starting again. What was I thinking? Moron.

Gee, thanks Cagey I feel a bit better now.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I can't really naked blog either (I guess that means letting it all hang out?). I self-edit a lot. Also, my life has crept to boring times ten.

Christy said...

That I let Porgie nap until 3:30, even though I know that it means that she won't go to bed easily at night. It is just so nice having quiet time during the day.

That I sometimes forget to feed Porgie breakfast. How does that even happen?

That I get a little angry when Izzy refuses to eat pureed foods. Why do I keep insisting?

Marathon Mom said...

I must confess...

That I couldn't find my own blog a couple of weeks ago.

That I currently have over 200 pictures sitting on my digital camera because I fear technology.

That I eat massive amounts of cheese like there's no tomorrow.

That I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

That I am getting ready to do an all over color on my hair for the first time.(At the age of 32.)

That I have never taken the blinds or curtains down in my house to clean them, since we've lived here. (9 years) Maybe I'll do that this weekend!

That I might sound stupid posting a comment on someone's blog. Good thing this one is my sister's.=)

Whew! That felt good.

Cagey said...

Marathon Mom,
I am so telling on you! Especially about the cheese.

kristen said...

Ditto on the knitting in the coffee shop, way to much cheese and never cleaned minblinds!

That sometimes, when I'm really overwhelmed, I feel like screaming "Do you want me to leave and never come back? Is that what you want?" Even though I never would and I know it isn't what he wants. The only reason I don't actually say it is because my mom yelled that alot and I don't think she has any idea how much it hurt to hear it.

Sometimes when were both really tired I just rinse off Caleb's feet and put him to bed without a bath.

Allison said...

I started taking an anti-depressant this week.

Before I did I was drinking more than my fair share of wine every night.

Twice I HAVE taken my kid to daycare and then called in sick to work, just so I could sleep. And once I got a massage.

I need/want to read more but I end up watching stupid television instead.

Sometimes I just feed my son Gerber Graduate meals instead of fixing an actual meal for him. He usually eats more of the Graduate than whatever I make anyway.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

That I hope we love the house in Washington as much as I currently do when we see it in person.

That I'm so not ready for the movers to pack our stuff tomorrow, or for the housing folks to come by this afternoon for a pre-moveout inspection. I wanted to have so much more done.

That rather than get more done, I'm "wasting" time writing, reading, and commenting.

And, I think it's fine that you like SpongeBob. I think I'd like him if I took the time to watch, but I'm certain, for now, my kids do not have the appropriate self-censor to watch it regularly.