August 18, 2008

Can I brush my teeth?

A Giveway!
First and very foremost - I am giving away a copy of Sleep is for the Weak. I bought it at the book signing at BlogHer, but unfortunately, due to a variety of distractions, was only able to get autographs from Amalah, Motherhood Uncensored, Not Calm (dot com). Oh sure, I suppose I could sign it, too. However, I fear that may devalue the poor thing. Anyway - this giveaway is open to residents of the US and the rules are simple:
Comment on this post by Thursday, August 21st, Midnight (CDT) and I will draw someone at random.

I have not been doing much mommyblogging lately, I realize. I think I was just worn out from so much of the negativity that has been directed towards those of us who dare to pimp our children's eternal souls, not to mention privacy, in lieu of having nothing better to talk about. So here you go - a post about my kids.

I Am MommyBlogger, Hear Me Brag
Okay.... So the question for today?? I hear this about 4-5 times a day. No kidding, joking, or joshing. Arun has always loved to brush his teeth. At first, I wrote it off to teething. Then, I wrote it off to that he liked the toothpaste. Now? I have to accept that my child is simply odd. He does not even want the Sparkly Fun toothpaste any longer. Hell, no. He wants the Minty Fresh tartar control stuff. One must have dental standards. Is my kid the only kid in the universe who likes to brush his teeth? Come on - 'fess up. You only hear about the kids who hate brushing their teeth.

Now. New Topic. What I am about to write, I have not really written about this before. I was fearful of coming across as an unrealistic braggart. Even more so, I was afraid of jinxing myself. So, here goes......Arun is an easy kid. Really, really easy. *gulp* You know those public tantrums that you always hear about where kids flail and kick and create general mayhem and the parents are mortified? We rarely get those. No, make that "never get those". Once in awhile, if he wakes up from a nap too early, he will cry uncontrollably and stomp his feet a bit. But rarely do we ever get full on, Category 5 tantrums. Yes, I do get embarrassing episodes at Target from his screaming, but those are happy screams. Which is almost worse. What the hell do you do about Happy Screams to make them stop? Make the kid UNhappy? And no, he is not perfect, he does push my buttons All the Damned Time. But overall? He is easily mollified when he does not get his way.

Why do I mention this now? Well, the only reason I am comfortable admitting that my kid has been easy thus far is because in the past month or so, he has increasingly become UNeasier. I am beginning to experience Defiance and Attitude from him. Which is quite shocking to us. Who is this kid and who the hell does he think is with all these Instructions, Directions and Demands? So yes. The Twos were not so Terrible for us, but I am bracing for the Threes, which seem to barreling at us like a freight train.

And to add to all this, Anjali is already shaping up to be a stronger personality than Arun ever was. So, she will be hitting the 18 month mark (when the Terrible Twos actually begin) just as Arun is in the throes of the exerting his plan for world domination. Sadly, his current regime is monocratic and does not appear to need a running partner, so I expect lots of fun times to be had as Anjali attempts to get in the mix. The most difficult part about Arun right now is that his language skills have exploded lately, which is really cool except that these new skills also include some twisted, bizarre logic that only a pre-schooler could dream up. Arun is getting really good with pitching out "reasons" for a variety of situations that range from "reasons" for why he cannot help me pick up toys to "reasons" why he needs a milkshake today. Fortunately, most of this activity from him is still firmly camped in Too Cute for Words territory, so X and I are having quite a few laughs over Arun's antics. I do not look forward to when these antics turn more serious.

The main side benefit in this recent turn in Arun's personality is that his imagination is going gangbusters. Giving him some construction paper and scissors is just as much fun for me, as it is for him. Playing pretend makes me giggle just as much as he does. My favorite is when he lists a whole string of activities that we are going to do today "We going to eat breakfast, go to the beach, go to the zoo, go see trains. Yay! That's what we going to do today! Yay!" Within reason, I sometimes go along with his plans, if we can. One day, he wanted to go to the moon and obviously, that one did not really work for me. And while he always retains a firm affection for all things Spider and Trains, he has recently been particularly obsessed with rockets, robots and monsters and the PBS show WordWorld.

He has been off from school for the month of August. While I know he is excited to go back to school (he keeps talking about his friends and how he is changing classrooms and how excited he is to have Miss J as his new teacher), it has been nice having him every day. However, pre-school has been so wonderful for him - it is just 2 days a week, but he loves it . He has definitely been getting more antsy this past week, so I know he will be ready when September rolls around.

And Anjali? She is an utter delight these days. Walking and talking, she is all over the house, commenting on everything as she toddles by. The talking is the part that amazes us. Of course, it is perfectly normal for a 13 month old to have so many words already, but Arun was such a late talker, this is new stuff for us. I am grateful that she is taking to The Talking so readily - she is already showing such a strong personality and gets so easily frustrated when she wants something that I am hoping her being able to communicate will help her.

Music is still her Thing and that stupid ABC song is shaping out to be her favorite song. Argh. I guess it is worth watching her try to sing it, but still, that song is not very fun to sing........ I will be taking her to our library's rhyme time next month. It seems just last year I was taking Arun to that. Oh wait - I was taking Arun to that last year. Anyway, I really love this particular library's rhyme time - the songs are better and the group is smaller than another rhyme time I had gone to.

I was telling my doctor yesterday that I wish I could bottle up this time right now to save for later (well, except for this damned chest cold I am fighting.) We are in a nice little lull with both kids - they are both still relatively easy-going and are so much damned fun. The past few weeks have been so sweet - I just feel that I cannot soak up enough of them. I love doing things with them, lounging on the floor reading books, playing with toys, rolling around on the bed under the blanket playing hide n' seek. The time with them seems so fleeting and I am afraid of missing something or not appreciating it enough.

Speaking of which, I need to turn off the television and get these little creeps to the Deanna Rose farm.


MLE said...

I love it when you mommyblog. Someday, I hope to mommyblog as well. But why no simian snaps?

Heza Hekele said...

Negativity for mommy blogging? People unhappy about those who pimp out pics of their kids? I seem to have missed that show. Probably because I entertain a very, very small corner of blogland. But, I figure kids are recorded and viewed more in one hour at the mall than they are in a month on my, oh well.

Very nice post. I find myself feeling the same way lately...wanting to bottle up the time and save it for later.

Anonymous said...

"I wish I could bottle up this time right now to save for later." Exactly what I was thinking, even before I read it. It seems like just yesterday that my two were Arun & Anjali's age. Suddenly they are 16 and 13, and I'm totally freaked out. I mean, REALLY freaked out.

Enjoy your wonderful 'bebes' and these days. They pass entirely too quickly.


Dooneybug said...

I for one, would love to win the book on one condition: you sign it too!

Last night I was at another mom friend's home and her 2 year old wanted to brush her teeth too. Word World is also very popular in our house. For a while there I started to get super annoyed with it because the same episodes kept playing over and over. Then they came out with some new ones so that was nice. But now I feel like they are in a rut again.

It's funny how you talk about Anjali being so talkative and running around the house. She must want to keep up with Arun so bad. My daughter loves her big brother and wants to be wherever he is. She's cruising around holding onto things and I bet she'll take off running soon.

We've got to see some pictures of those adorable kids of yours soon!

moderndayhermit said...

Alex loves to brush his teeth as well, but he's already proven to be quite the little oddball so I'm not all that shocked.

I love the posts about your kiddos!

lorib said...

Lil D doesn't love brushing his teeth, but lately is at least doing the task somewhat willingly. He has shocked me since a recent trip to the dentist and has been requesting that I FLOSS his teeth -- a habit I hope I can instill so he doesn't follow my dental history. Most dentists don't push flossing your kids until their teeth are all touching, but D's molars are already there so the flossing has begun.

No need to throw my name in for the book -- my copy is already well read and will be waiting for your famous signature at the book signing in Sept.

Anjali said...

I would love the book, too, but only if you sign it. And you could also say, "For my glorious, astute, fellow mommyblogger, Anjali." Or, maybe not.

I think the terrible twos are a total myth. I know of no one who experiences terrible twos. The threes, though. Oh, those terrible, no good, threes...

Kirsten said...

I would love this book AND for you to sign it :) And I'll be thinking of you as you wade through the terrible twos to the very end LOL

Bethany said...

I know exactly what you mean about bottling it up. I am afraid I will forget these feelings I am having. My boy is 15 months...already the little things from his first few months are muddy in my mind.

How much is Anjali saying? That seems early. My Max says maybe 30 or so words, occasionally two together.

I was up in your neck of the woods (I live in SE Ks) a couple weeks ago...went to Crown Center to see the free Peter Cetera concert. It was FAB-U-LOUS. He's a little hazy in his mind from drugs, but the boy can sing.

Diana said...

Why would I not love to hear about your kids? I've 'known' them from before they were born. I love the pictures. I love the stories.

And I love that Arun decided that it would be the threes that were terrible as both mine did.

Mrs. CPA said...

Totally off the real subject but World Word is like crack at our house. Kaden and Hudson ask for it EVERY day in the car. Thank God a new DVD came out this week. I should get it tomorrow to supplement the already TIVO'd ones we have. I can't watch rocket ship in the car one more time.

Mary said...

Well- I just love when you Mommyblog, as my 2nd son is just 5 days younger than Anjali. I have been reading your blog since I was pregnant and looking for support/encouragement on the nursing front. BoobLog was such an inspiration for me, and we are still going strong 13 months later.

And if I win, you absolutely have to sign!

Mary to research WordWorld...

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Even though I'm commenting, please exclude me from the giveaway because I'd rather buy it :).

You forgot to mention he's either super-literal or developing a formidable sense of sarcasm.

Me: what are you doing?

Arun: Talking on the phone to you Noo Noo. *utter surprise at silliness of question*

Carrie said...

My best friend's 1 and 1/2 year old loves to brush his teeth. If mom or dad is brushing, he freaks until he's given his brush too. It was so cute!

If I win the book,I'd love you to sign it!

Mamma Sarah said...

Isn't it amazing how time flys by? Jeeze. I wish it would slow down just a bit so I can soak a few more precious moments in.

P.s. I hope I win the book!!!

Jerri Ann said...

I would love the throw my name in the hat please.

Kim said...

I would love to be entered in the drawing! I read your blog all the time, but seldom comment as I lack experience in the offspring department. Call it research for future developments?

Kirsten said...

Comment, comment comment :) Honestly girl, I love your blog. If we were closer to you when we lived in KS, that would have been awesome.

LuAnn said...

I'd like to be considered for the giveaway. And yes, you should sign it.

Christine said...

Am I too late? We don't do the time change, so I never remember how far behind everyone else we are.

Affordable Dental Tooth Whitening said...

i love mommyblogs! they are great and they really helps other mothers learn things.

Im really happy you have an easy child. My first child, Aerin was really really easy she also loved bath time and brushing her teeth and she would never cause tantrums and when she would ask for something at the toy store and i would tell her she could have it some other time she would say "okay mommy"

When people questioned how shes so calm and happy or why they have never seen her yell we thought it was just how you educate them as a parent. So we told them that we think if a child grows up in a calming environment they will tend to be less angry or aggressive.

However, turns out that this was completely untrue. Our second child Jamie, was tantrum-y i'm talking level 5 tantrums. She always had to have what she wanted. Hated bathing, etc. Shes not like that anymore, she got over it when she was about 3 but now we know its not the calming environment!

Sounds like you have wonderful kids!