August 20, 2008

Why does McDonald's not sell hotdogs?

I have always wondered. Why? Would it truly be that difficult to steam up some buns and dogs? I think not.

So, I suspect overall this little slice in my life will be remembered as one of the best periods in my life ever. It is all pretty good right now. Maybe it is the meds? The gin and tonic recipe that I have perfected? Or just the fact that I am one incredibly blessed beyotch who has it really, really good? Nah. Surely, it could not be that.

However, it could be this:
  • The weather has been fabulous lately - I was too sick to enjoy it last week, but this week, I am making up for that. We went to the Deanna Rose Farm yesterday, today we are doing a park. I am thinking we will do the zoo tomorrow. Since this is Kansas, we probably have at least one more heat wave before fall hits, so I want to enjoy this nice weather while it is still here.
  • I cannot express enough how much I am enjoying these kids right now. Yesterday, I was downstairs doing something and noticed Anjali taking off up the stairs to follow Arun. Later, when I went upstairs, they were both at the train table, pushing trains around and "choo-choo-chooing" to their little hearts' content. And yes, you read that correctly - we let Anjali go up the stairs (but not down, she does not know how to do that yet.). I am a firm believer in teaching our kids how to do something, instead of preventing them from doing something. And I do not think everyone needs to feel this way, but I hope folks respect my wishes for my own children and lay off on the trollish comments.
  • Someone asked how many words Anjali has right now. She only has about 13 and then a variety of animal noises. She attempts to repeat just about everything we try to get her to say, but I do not count those as words until she actually uses them - I think my favorite Pete Repeat Word is "Polly Pocket" - she says something along the lines of "papa-cut".
  • I am reading two great books right now - Eclipse, #3 of the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer (downstairs book) and Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (upstairs book). And yes, I do have an Upstairs Book and a Downstairs Book because I am far too lazy to be toting books all over the house. So, I just read whatever book happens to be on whatever floor I happen to be on. The Twilight series is a total Gimme read - easy and entertaining (even sans Hot Vampire Sex.) Alias Grace has been a little more difficult - I did not hit The Hook until about page 100, but Atwood is one of my favorite authors, so I stick with her no matter what because a life goal of mine is to read every single thing she has ever written. And Atwood rarely disappoints as a reward for perseverance. (John Irving is another author who I intend to read everything he has written.)
  • I finished an adorable pumpkin hat and am now working on another twisted rib hat. I love, love this pattern and I love, love Berocco Comfort yarn.
  • Mad Men is very awesome this season. That show is a such visual feast for the eyes. And, furthermore, I have worked in so many state and quasi-governmental agencies that our furniture was always outdated, even for the 90s and beyond. Therefore, our furniture was all 60s era, but was rather beat-up and tired. To see all that same furniture and office setups so very brand new and shiny, is such a treat for me. I cannot help but snicker and giggle as I point out to X which pieces I had that were similar. Speaking of Mad Men, I need to point out that some of the best commentary is happening over at Alan Sepinwall's coverage of Mad Men, Season 2 - be sure to read the comments as well - he has a thoughtful core of folks going there to put their 2 pennies in on every episode.
  • Anjali just walked across the living room. Sigh. Life does not get much better than that - watching a child accomplish an important goal (to them) and witnessing their unadulterated glee as they do so.
It seems that just yesterday I was a mother to a baby and a toddler. Now? I have a toddler and a preschooler.

Hold me, Internet. HOLD ME.


flybunny said...

What great outings you have had. We are lovin the weather as well.

Tyler loves Anjali's pictures she pinted and smiled and said baby and then giggled!

Dee said...

Sounds like you're having a great week! I've been wanting to get out to Deanna Rose again with my kids while the weather is nice too.

Mamma Sarah said...

Hooray for the pics. They are so adorable! Glad you are being able to enjoy so much lately! Makes all those bad moments forgettable!

Mojavi said...

omg so cute...

glad you are doing well!!!

LL said...

It would never occur to me not to let Landon crawl up the stairs as he wishes. He loves them! He crawls up at the speed of light every time I turn around and I always find him crawling around his bedroom. We're working on teaching him how to scoot down backwards and he practices all the time on the first few stairs of our staircase, but in general he's content to sit up at the top of the stairs until I find him and carry him down. There's so much overprotectedness that doesn't even occur to me!

And your kids are ridiculously adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Atwood and Yee-hah for Irving-- I LOVE both of those authors!

Oh, and yes. Your kids are cute.

Bethany said...

Arun is getting SO tall!!! Hey, do you sell your knitwork? I would LOVE to have a hat for my little boy for this fall...just a beanie in some easy to match colors...for when it gets to be "hoodie weather" and we're outside. He has stick out ears. They get cold in the breeze.

Email me at if you want. :)

Blondie said...

ACK! She is sooooo big!!!!! And Arun? Good grief. It's been a while since I've seen pics. Where have I been? Good Lordie.