August 15, 2008

If it's not snot, then what is it?

Way back when, during my heady days of Armchair Parenting, a friend came to visit with her kids. One of them had a runny nose, and I uttered the dreaded word...... S**T! A look of disgust came across her face and she coolly informed me that "I don't like that word "snot". We call them "crusties", instead." While I could have argued that her word was far grosser, I kept my mouth shut. Now that I am safely encamped on the actual playing field of parenting? It is SNOT, folks. Nothing else around here. Snot, snot, snot, snot. There, I said it. Sue me.

Anyway, at BlogHer, I came across a free sample of BoogieWipes (In short, these things feature moisturizers and saline, which go a long way in helping with the mucus and preventing irritated snouts after multiple swipes. ) Normally, I would think this sort of thing is silly and a waste of money. And I really do not care for cutesy words like "boogie" unless it is used as a verb and involves someone's ass, preferably my own. But hey - a free sample is just that - free. However, I was wrong. These things rock. And they rock hard. Seriously -Anju leans in for a nose wipe and hell's bells - Arun wipes his own nose. And And that? Is worth the price of admission to purchase these things. I know some folks use actual baby wipes for that purpose, but I never cared for that. Baby wipes are meant for my kid's butt, not their nose. However, I cannot find them in Kansas City and had to buy them online instead. Hurry now, shipping is currently free! And note, I have bought these myself. I paid money for them. Because they are worth it.

So......Thus far, I have not had to cut as many blogs as I thought. I am going to keep the current number of feeds and give it a go next week. I think I just need to be more organized with my time, that is all. I will say this - Tweetersville? Has been a sanity saver. I stay offline via the computer, but still am able to text message my Tweets, which helps me get my ramblings out of my system, without having to actually crack open the laptop.

Our Mac situation is downright frightful. Oh sure, everything looks so pretty now, but when I re-imported all my photos? I ended up nearly 19,000 photos in my library. That is it - no albums, no tags, titles, nothing. Just 19,000 photos just sitting there and desperately pleading to be organized. I have not even began rebuilding iTunes.

I am still totally sucked into the Twilight series. Now, do not get me wrong. This stuff is certainly not high literature. Hardly. But it is fun, easy and intriguing. And, I have always loved me a good vampire story (as evidenced by my own small attempt at one in my high school freshman English class. Sure, I got an A on the story, but oddly enough, Little, Brown Book Group did not approach me and instead gunned for Stephenie Meyer. ) Besides, as someone who rabidly followed the adventures of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, who am I to judge? I would certainly rather that Anjali read the Twilight series than the Sweet Valley High series. The one disappointment about the Twilight series is that I have yet to encounter any hot vampire sex. I have heard I need to turn to Anne Rice for that sort of action. Is that true? If so, sign me up! Where do I start her stuff?

Anyway, I can report (with the rest of the world, it seems) that the Twilight series is highly satisfying. As an added bonus, it is so very easy to pick it up, read 20 or so pages, put it down, wipe a nose or a butt, then pick it back up, read another 20 pages or so, put it down, break up a fist fight, then pick it back up, read another another 20 pages or so, put it down, throw some raw meat in the kids' directions, then pick it back up, read another 20 pages or so, put it down, restart the "robot" episode of WordWorld for the 20th time, then pick it back up.

You get the idea.

How the hell did the Prairie People get any reading done with out television?


Average Jane said...

Courtesy of my twisted childhood:
My nose is runny,
I kiss my honey,
She thinks it's funny
But it's snot

You're welcome.

flybunny said...

I actually looked into the wipes last winter because T's nose was running a marathon but was didn't want to spend the $ in case I was just buying differently labeled butt wipes - now that I have it on good authority I will get some.

I am also butt deep into the Twilight books and I too was waiting for the sex wonder if it comes in a later book...

Dooneybug said...

I think they had so many kids, they all just kind of took care of each other. I mean, think about all the wicked quilts and clothes they made!

I've heard there's no hot vampire sex in this series. Which, since it is geared to the teen set, is good. I don't know, I guess I get enough of a thrill reading about all those "first moments" that Bella goes through with Edward. Kind of reminds me of my youth. Ahhhh...memories.

Dee said...

My son runs around the house screaming "I got snot!" when he has a runny nose. If those wipes would convince him to wipe it himself, they would be well worth the price!

Moderndayhermit said...

A friend of mine reads Laurell K. Hamilton and vampires.

I've made a conscious decision to start incorporating some trashy novels into my reading diet. I have found I'm not so damn uptight if I do some very light reading here and there. Otherwise I can't shut my brain off and it's annoying for me and everyone around, haha.

Jerri Ann said...

I feel something warn and runny, what could it be? I thought it was honey but it was snot. Yep same as the first poster but I couldn't resist! I grew up with that one too...and crusties doesn't rhyme with anything now does it?

Mamma Sarah said...

I totally wish I had time to read. The series you are into sounds great.

Will have to keep your snot wipe recommendation handy. Working in a childcare setting there certainly is ALOT of snot around. Then I come home to more snot. Guess you could say I'm always knee deep in snot.

Daisy said...

I'll never forget the kid I offered a tissue one day while substitute teaching: he replied, "No thanks, I just swallow it."
8th grade.

Erin said...

Mucous from the nose? SNOT.

Posterior area, covered by underpants/diaper, where poop comes from? BUTT.

I have a friend who refers to her daughter's butt as her "bum-bum" and it drives me crazy. She's never gone so far as to tell me not to use the word "butt" but I can tell that she wants to. Of course, that's when I inadvertently get stuck in the "butt" talks; diaper rash on the __; Lucy fell down on her __; this child is being a pain in the ___;

And so on.