August 13, 2008

If your kid refuses to take a nap, are they guilty of resisting a rest?

I am pounding out this post while Arun sleeps and Elmo entertains Anjali. These days, rarely do I ever get two kids sleeping at the same time. I remember a time when the lack of congruent nap times used to frustrate me to no end. Now, I have merely accepted it as my lot in life. Anyway, I have mostly been sick this week- some weird cold that is going around.

The most exciting thing to happen this week is that this morning I caught a house centipede and a giant house spider, then stuck them in Arun's bug bucket. Arthropod vs. Arachnid, ultimate fighting machines. Let the cage match begin. Hmmmm. That was fairly quick. RIP, house centipede.

In other news, our Mac is possessed. Originally, I was going to do a cheater post of just pictures but when I went to download them, I immediately noticed the Mac was sporting a totally New Look. Granted, it was a far prettier Look that the Old Look , but it was also one that did not include any of my old photos or music. Obviously, some sort of update has happened, which is eerie because I did not do the update and X never uses the Mac. Bah. Anyway, I located the old files buried and am working on rebuilding everything.

So. Um.

It seems that I spend way too much time online. I have been trying as of late to decrease my online time. Yes, it has been much harder than I thought it would be. However, it is apparent to me what a huge black hole of Time Suck being online can be. Lately, I have been knitting a storm (finished a twisted-rib hat, started another one), reading the Twilight series (on New Moon right now), watching television (the Olympics, Mad Men, Project Runway) and teaching the kids the elementary fundamentals of quantum physics.

Truthfully, the state of my sanity has appreciated the lack of online time. There has been so much negativity and infighting these last few months, it has been good for me to back away from it. And, I need to step it a bit further with the backing away. I would like to keep up with my current 3-4 posts per week because that is fairly cathartic for me. But the reading? I will need to decrease the amount that I am reading currently. If it seems that I am not reading your site much, please do not take it personally. Please. I am just trying to figure out another sort of scheduling that works best for us right now.

It is crazy how addictive this blogging thing can get. It is a damned shame there is no sort of rehab or methadone.


Brit said...

I can't decide if a-rest or quantum physics were my favorite part of that post..I'm not going to choose!

Dooneybug said...

Oooh...Ooohhhhh...I just started New Moon yesterday. SO LOVING this series! Thanks for putting temptation over the edge for me to start reading it!

I totally get scaling back. I've had to do the same as well. There are so many projects I want to get done around my house but I'll have to cut even more blogging out and I guess I'm just trying to ween myself little by little. Ha!

Dee said...

I definitely need to scale back on the online time. It is getting a bit out of hand but is so hard to quit when I enjoy it so much!

Jen said...

It's amazing how much more I get done when I can stay away from the computer, or only approach it with a list, a plan (and if possible, the wifi disabled).

But then again, the amazement of all that productivity and fun and reading doesn't seem to carry me for long and soon I'm back to my over-reading ways.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I also need a break from the internets. But I am totally going to bother you on email.

Anjali said...

I just did the dumb-ass thing of starting to use Google Reader (yes, I'm probably the last person in the internet-world to discovery this). But now I really regret it, because I'll NEVER be able to reduce my online time!

Heza Hekele said...

I love the title!

Taking a break from the internet now and then is good. I always find I enjoy people's blogs so much more when I have allowed myself to miss them.

Good luck with your pics...hopefully no files were lost! I recently lost a month's worth of pics when my back up drive bit the dust. Back in 'supposed to be there in case the maid drive dies'...and the one time I was too lazy to save in two places...the drive with the pics dies. Irony. Isn't it sweet?

Maternal Mirth said...

Great title ... it sucked me in!

As for decreasing your online time, it's not a task for the weak. I know. I am vuurrrry weak.

lorib said...

I think today's title may be my favorite of all time!