May 9, 2008

Where is me, mama? Where is me?

Obviously, Arun needs to work a bit on his grammar and sentence structure.

Just some quick snippets about the kids to fulfill my much-neglected Mommyblogging Duties:

Arun: Oh my, he is SO MUCH FUN these days. I just love hanging out with him and talking. Or rather, letting him do the talking. It is fascinating to see what is lurking in that hairy noggin of his. Currently, he is obsessed with his sister, trains, animals, puzzles (he can work a 12 piece set all by himself, but still needs help on the borders with 25 piece sets). In particular, he is really taken with spiders - he loves his spider books and can identify all sorts of them now (jumping, tarantulas, water, crab, black widow, garden...). He constantly asks to see videos of spiders on our computers and every trip outside turns him into the Great Spider Hunter. Fortunately, he was blessed with a mother who is equally fascinated by creepy crawlies and even bought him a bug catching kit and is crazy enough to go chasing after said creepy crawlies with a set of orange plastic tongs.

A few weeks ago, he pedaled a tricycle for the first time all by himself and that same week, he did Show n' Tell at school for the first time. I cried both times. What a gift and privilege it has been to see my baby grow into a boy.

Anjali: She is still rolling all over the place, can get herself into a sitting position by herself now and is desperately trying to crawl. These efforts fight with her desire to stand. She LOVES to stand. And anything that Arun is doing? Is precisely what she would like to be doing. Drinking out of a cup? Sitting on a riding toy? Playing with trains? Eating a peanut-laden granola bar? She's all over that stuff. And NO, I was so not happy to find her excitedly mawing down on one of Arun's granola bars she found on the floor. Anyway.... Music still gets her going and she tries to dance now and she is quite the clapper. She can wave bye-bye (not always in context). What shocks me the most is that she is already trying to talk. She can repeat a variety of sounds ("Uh-oh", for example). Arun was such a late talker that I did not realize that babies could even begin imitating sounds this early.

Overall, things have been going really well with both kids. It was such rough going in the beginning to have them so close together, but all that stress is now paying off. They love hanging out together. Also, Anjali has not hit that separation anxiety phase like Arun did and I think it is because when I leave a room, Arun is usually still there with her and hence, she is not alone.

Lately, I have really enjoyed taking them to places just the three of us. This week, we went to the Deanna Rose Farmstead and it was so relaxing. We meandered around the farm, petted some animals, did the wagon ride, and hung out in the playground. We also went to the Legends to see the fountains and the T-Rex restaurant. As always, we are hanging out in our front yard nearly every day now. Just sitting in the grass, enjoying the breezes.

It is so peaceful to just sit and watch my children excitedly explore their surroundings. And that, to me, is what motherhood is about.


Mamma Sarah said...

What a totally precious post. I posted the other day about not being able to keep up with time and everything that's going on around me. Guess I need to smell the roses a little more often. :-D

Dooneybug said...

I totally agree. Things are much more difficult in the beginning but as they are getting older, I see how much darn fun it is having the two so close in age. I've caught my son just plopping down next to my daughter to hold her hand or hug her, totally unprovoked and it is so precious. Of course I'm never quick enough to grab the camera but those images are burned into my brain. So glad they are such good buddies! (yours and mine!)

Dee said...

It is so much more fun to read about Arun and Anjali now that I've met them in person! I love that they get along so well. I can't wait until Zach and Evie get to that point. Zach seems to be a little more interested in her now but she can't exactly roll around in the floor and play with him yet.

Christy said...

Lovely post. Your babies sound like loads of fun!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Say "hi" from Auntie Noo Noo.