May 27, 2008

Baldknobber sounds sorta dirty, does it not?

So, remember how I said that I might have plantar fasciitis? Well, either I do not have it or I caught it just in time. My left heel is a squillion times better now. I am still hobbling first thing in the morning, but overall, my day time hobbling is at a minimum now. In short, I am only wearing my uber-expensive Josef Seibels these days and have totally forsaken any sort of flip-flop, Ked, or other flattish-type of shoe. I bought the Josef Seibels last fall in lieu of a Christmas gift and felt horribly guilty for spending such money on a pair of shoes, but holy crap, folks! My feet began to feel better the very next day after I began wearing them exclusively again. Also, would like to give a hat tip to Wikipedia. I was doing absolutely EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD NOT DO in my mistaken belief it would help (i.e. wearing FLAT shoes, going barefoot when possible). Thanks to Wikipedia, I reversed nearly everything I was doing.

So, this Friday I am packing the kids up in the car and we will be on our way to Branson. Yes, you read that correctly - I am driving all by myself with two kids all the way to Branson. Better known as "Redneck Vegas" - less booze, tons more kids, no sex, same amount of sequins.

I am feverishly excited about this trip. I love roadtrips. I suspect I am being naive (or foolish or just plain stupid. Your pick). However, I cannot help but think of how much fun this will be. I cannot resist making plans to do Lifelong Character Building activities such as the Fantastic Caverns on our way down......packing healthy, wholesome lunches to eat with nary a fry in sight .....lovely jaunts in parks to stretch our legs.....two peaceful, dozing kids lazily watching the world go by outside their windows while we have long, thoughtful, bonding conversations. It is trips like these that keep kids off The Dope and away from Heavy Petting in their teenaged years. Right? Either that or it's the memories that drive them to it in the first place. *sigh*

Anyway, I will be sans computer on the trip, but will definitely be Live Tweeting away on the trip.


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

1) Fun! Enjoy the trip. I just signed up for twitter, will add you soon.

2) I've had to give up on Converse/Keds/the like completely. An afternoon walking in them leads to quite a bit of pain in my shins. Oddly, when in heels only my FEET will hurt...say after 3.5 hours (that's my limit). On the other hand, Converse = leg hurting which is much worse.

I think in my case it's because I'm a lowarched person-do you have that issue? I wear Clarks to work (pretty much Dansko like clogs, but released through their younger brand, Indigo) and out and about.

Average Jane said...

Monkey - Add me on Twitter, too!

Cagey - We went to Branson *every year* when I was a kid, with few exceptions. I think it was quite character-building and helped keep me off The Drugs (if not the Heavy Petting). Have a great time!

Cagey said...

Monkey, I had a bad experience with Clark's last year. They were NOT kind to my feet.

Average Jane, Yes - we went to Branson quite often when I was a kid, too.

And look how I turned out.

Mamma Sarah said...

Sounds like a fun trip is in store for you and the kiddos. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. I'm sure you'll take lots of pics. :-)

Glad to hear that your feet are feeling better. My hubby had that same prob not too long ago and switched back to wearing his old favs too. Cleared up almost overnight. :-) Go figure!

Goofy Girl said...

Well NO WONDER my plantar fasciteeblahblahblah (that word I can't say) has not gone away....

"Patients should avoid open-back shoes, sandals, "flip-flops", and any shoes without a raised heel."

Hello? It's spring. This statement totally knocks out my entire shoe wardrobe. With the exception of barefeet, which I do a LOT and which are also a no-no, according to Wikipedia.

Sigh. Looks like I will have to go shoe shopping.

There's a cool 'foot friendly' shoe store in Waldo (75th & Wornall) that I've always wanted to check out. Looks like I have an excuse now!

Dee said...

Hope you have a great trip! Sounds like fun!

flybunny said...

I will admit that I kind of like Branson and all of the associated cheesiness that goes with it and I especially love it at Christmas and plan on taking Tyler next year to see the petty yights (as the big girls used to call them).

Glad your feet are feeling better and have a safe safe trip for which I admire you taking both the kiddos by yourself - that is way way brave!

CPA Mom said...

I've not been to Branson since I was a kid - can't wait to hear your reports.

Hey, I read that book on One Night Stands too and laughed and laughed. I am also glad to be married.

lorib said...

I hope the trip lives up to your dreams -- unlike a recent trip I took to Wichita with our boys. Sounds like you have a great plan including lots of breaks and no strict timeline -- two keys to successful trips with the little ones.

Me said...

I'm excited for you and your trip! I actually want to take a road trip with my kiddies this summer to - and to that exact locale! Except, ours may turn out to be Arkansas. Where there IS sex, it's just with the relatives.