May 13, 2008

When people ask "which three things would you bring with you on a desert island?" why don't folks ever include a BOAT?

Just a few things:
  1. The past weekend SUCKED. X had to work and Anjali was sick, sick, sick. All of my really cool, super FUN, social plans had to be canceled and I am ashamed to report that I was not very mature about the whole ordeal. Anyway - Anjali has been a droopy ragdoll the past 3 days and has been in nonstop Do Not Put Me Down mode. X took her to the doctor yesterday and confirmed that she has an ear infection. Thankfully, she is already doing better and our cheeky, smiley girl has returned.
  2. Because my social plans were canceled, we found ourselves with eleven ramekins of crème brûlée in the refrigerator. Yes, eleven. Of which only one remains. Ahem.
  3. In brighter news, I am caught up on my DVR cache of Oprah and Antiques Roadshow. I even watched an adult, non-animated movie that involved actual humans comprising all of the roles, as opposed to anthropomorphic representations. *gasp* The Bourne Identity was pretty good, although it will probably take another ear infection or two before I can get to the rest of the trilogy.
  4. Regarding my post from about Becoming the Person I Wanna Be, some of you asked about the changes I am making. Some are personal, but some of them I am willing to share. The point of that post is that I think changes can be made on small, incremental levels. I believe that introducing too much change at once is stressful and may lead to failure. My goal is ONE change at a time, every so often.
  5. I will be in the vicinity of a Coach Outlet next week. Refer to #1.

Finally......In my post about about Roaming Kids and Buffalo, Kristin commented and asked the following:
Caleb is my first child so my question to you Cagey and all of you more experienced moms. How do you let go enough to let them run around without your constant supervision? I know what I did with the freedom I was given and that makes me even more hesitant to let go. I desperately want for him to be able to run around the pasture without me but I cannot imagine being able to let go. Does this get easier as they get older?
Yes, letting go does become easier as they get older. I was nervous about having Arun outside in the back by himself last summer. We did it, but really kept an eye on him. This summer, I feel much more confident about it. It also depends on the child. Arun has always been pretty good about keeping out of stuff as long as there are things already occupying his attention. And no, this has nothing to do with Good Kid/Bad Kid - Arun is just not the type to "get into things" and is not much of a daredevil or risk taker. I trust him to play upstairs by himself for short amounts of time. However, Anjali may be a different personality and as such, I may have to limit her being out of my eyesight. I hope that makes sense.


flybunny said...

Glad to hear the babe is feeling better - I think we have an ear infection of our own which would make 7 since Dec - yes we are doing tubes next month.

Hope we can get together soon, I was looking forward to catching up!

CPA Mom said...

Don't forget that two of them together can be double trouble - at least mine are - so I can't leave them alone too much yet. Just ask their Dad who did so and came back to an entire bottle of shampoo in use.