May 28, 2008

What's making you think today?

A few things.......
  1. I was quoted in Blogtations today. Check the site out - it is pretty fun to read all the quotes from other bloggers. As one blogger put it "It's like Bartlett's, but bloggy".
  2. I am still embarrassed that I mentioned tightening one's financial belt in one post, then in the very next post talk about my ridiculously priced shoes. In my defense, I did earmark Christmas money towards the purchase. But still. I have weird hangups about spending so much on a pair of shoes. Granted, not on a handbag, but definitely not so much on shoes. *gulp*
  3. Speaking of handbags, I am officially done, done, DONE with diaper bags. Squee!!! We do not use bottles or sippy cups and neither kid has massive blowouts any longer, so there is no need for umpteen extra outfits. I have a Fleurville MicroPod for diapers, so now all I need is a handbag big enough in which I can stuff some Hot Wheels, finger puppets, and granola bars. Did you hear that, World? I AM SO DONE WITH DIAPER BAGS. I am so excited about checking out the outlets in Branson this weekend that I can hardly stand it.
  4. While we are at Silver Dollar City this weekend, I am tempted to stick a sticker on Arun's back that says "My mom's cell phone is XXX" in case he gets lost. Good idea? Bad idea? Am I just paranoid? I am meeting up there with my dad, step-mom, brother, BIL, sister and their kids. Still paranoid?
  5. I am so lame that I will admit that I am a little stressed that Twitter may not have their IM capabilities up in time for me to Live Twitter my Big Hillbilly Extravaganza this weekend. Just another notch on my I Have No Life belt.
  6. GA over at Ain't No Free Lunches has a thought-provoking post about the tornadoes in Iowa this past weekend. An entire town was wiped out and GA, a native Iowan, is from a nearby town. As you can imagine, GA was shaken by the news that an entire town he is familiar with was wiped out - completely. This concept of small town life is not foreign to me. Until the age of 11, I lived in a town with a population of 1,000. After that, we moved to a town of a population of 2,000 (?). GA's post got to me. I will wager it will get to you, also.

Source: Des Moines Register


Diana said...

Your fame is spreading!

Actually, that putting your cell number on Arun's back is not a bad idea at all, but a tattoo across his face would be even more sure.

flybunny said...

Do you have a good text plan? I do most of my twittering by texting so if the IM function isn't working you can do that.

I need to go read the tornado posts but they are hard as I have spent my fair share of hours in a basement while tornadoes roll through and it brings back some not so great memories.

So jealous about the diaper bag - we are getting close to not needing one but are not quite there yet.

Christy said...

Cell phone number on the kid sounds like a great idea. I think I am going to steal that idea.

rayne of terror said...

I would use a sharpie and write it on his forearm.

CPA Mom said...

Diaper bag - we still have to carry a backpack for all the medications. I envy you!!

Not paranoid - I'm getting these for our trip to the shore this summer:

D. Jain said...

Don't worry, I didn't think anything about your post about the expensive should see my closet! And...tag, you're it!