May 19, 2008

Upon whom will I blame the smell
when the kids are all grown up and outta here?

Because truly, I have not had to lay claim to a fart for well over 2 years now.

Anyway............Yesterday at Borders, Arun spied a little toy Knufflebunny and declared "I get dis for Ahjawee?" I am sure the personnel at Borders were wondering about the big pile of goo in the children's section. How I could not melt over that? We did indeed buy the Knufflebunny and it was worth the $9.99 Admission Price to the sweet show that was Arun excitedly waking up Anjali in order to give it to her.

In other news, I have become the resident expert on spiders. I can tell you such fascinating factoids such as a jumping spider can jump 20 times its length. And that unlike most spiders, who often have 8 eyes, a jumping spider has only 4 - two of which are larger and are like binoculars. And that the Goliath tarantula is the largest of all spiders and can have a leg span up to 12 inches. And that, unlike insects, the spider's body is composed of two parts, the abdomen and the cephalothorax. And that the green lynx spider hides amongst leaves for its prey. And that the fishing spider sits by the water's edge with one leg on the water surface waiting for its prey. And that a tarantula can live for 30 years. *gulp*. And that a spider will molt its skin by laying on its back and pushing the old skin off. And that despite the 8 eyes, a spider does not have that great of eyesight and relies on hundreds of tiny hairs on its body to pick up the vibrations from the movements of its prey. And that a baby spider is called a spiderling.

Oh, and that apparently, spiders are our friends. Or some sort of bullshit along those lines.

And how do I know all of this? We bought a new spider book last night and proceeded to read it 5! Times! before going to bed.

Lord help me, I actually spared a spider's life yesterday. I found one in the shower and saved it for Arun. While Arun watched with feverish anticipation, I even prodded that spider to scurry all over the shower floor. Hell's bells, I even coaxed it onto an issue of US Magazine and flipped it in the tub to aid its escape to freedom and delay my toddler's introduction to the concept of The Circle of Life. Who am I?

Who am I?


Olivia said...

OMG! I hope I never have kids interested in spiders. Just reading this post makes my skin crawl.

LL said...

I'm looking forward to becoming an expert of random things :)

And the melting in the bookstore story was Adorable.

flybunny said...

Yes, the blaming of the fart is a favorite in our house with the big girls always blaming the sweet innocent baby :)

Heebie Jeebies here as well although not as bad as my husband who squeals like a girl when he sees a spider so I have "take care of it"

Marilyn said...

Yeah. No thanks.

Don't you think you should put a warning on a post like this?? heh.

Dee said...

I got chills no less than 5 times while reading your spider facts. Thank God Zach is still in the stage where he hates bugs of all kinds!

Christy said...

I don't mind most bugs, but I HATE spiders. HATE HATE HATE spiders. You're a brave woman.

Jenn said...

Hi!!! Let me start by saying that this whole two young children thing is harder than I are you still blogging!! LOL

p.s. if my kid wanted to get a book about spiders....wait....NO My kid wouldn't be allowed to get a book about spiders. All she needs to know is they are better off dead.
*sigh* I really wouldn't say that of course....but it's true!!

CPA Mom said...

I sympathize. We've read the same damn Spiderman book the last 7 nights in a row.