January 4, 2006

What's wrong with fruitcake anyway?

It’s a sad state of affairs when I wake up before the Time Vacuum and my first thought is a peaceful cup of coffee and my second thought is “Now I can clean the cats’ litter boxes!”

Holidays Unwrapped: The holidays totally and utterly kicked my ass, but they were peaceful. Mostly because I didn’t “get” to see my Mom’s insane, high-maintenance family (Crazy Leavenworth Grandma is the matriarch - that should enlighten you a bit.). They are all pissed at X and I because on the day of our Christmas gathering on an earlier non-Christmas weekend, they changed the location AND the time by TWO hours because of weather (that didn’t even arrive as predicted). We already had an appointment to pick up the RidiculousCar with Silly Features. My aunt actually questioned whether we needed to pick up the car that day - which, yes we DID need to get the car that day since X was flying back to DC/Virginia the very next day. Sigh.... Anyway - I was very happy with how the rest of the holidays went AND the kid didn’t get too much crep. I was pretty happy with the amount of toys MonkeyBoy got. I was SO afraid he was going to get alot of crep, but having 2 nephews and a niece vying equally for the grandparents' attention helped stem the flow. THANK GOD. I really pushed the "ONE nice toy, ONE cheapie toy" partyline and they listened. Well, except for MY OWN grandma who got him some stupid giggling Cabbage Patch kid that may make me finally figure out how to become an eBay seller.

Cagey Wanna Cookie? : In the past, I wasn’t that much into sweets. Yes, I enjoyed a piece of fine chocolate every now and then, but when I craved something, I usually reached for something spicy. During the pregnancy, I noticed that my sweet tooth kicked into gear - after giving birth, it shifted into HIGH gear. Example: In the past, I looked forward to Average Jane’s cookie exchange for the spiced cider, holiday movies and social atmosphere. THIS year, I looked forward to the cookies. I even BAKED. In the past, to satisfy the entrance requirement to the cookie exchange, I would sneak in something that required a minimal amount of melting. This year, I baked FOUR different kinds of cookies - including a complicated rolled Hungarian cookie - they were was so yummy that they didn’t even last long enough to make it to the cookie exchange. I have also taken to trolling for holiday fruitcakes on clearance. It’s out of control! I will say it is a testament to the powers of breastfeeding that I am just UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight. Which leads me to the...............

Slim Gym: I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week since I was given clearance by the doctor. What a relief - I had missed it SO MUCH. However, I loathe going in January. As I noted last year , the dumbbells with the New Year’s Resolutions ruin it for everyone else. What’s even worse, is that with all the crowds at the gym, I definitely don’t feel comfortable taking the MonkeyBoy to the gym nursery. NO, I am not a germophobe, but when the nursery is packed with the regulars, it’s a zoo anyway - it’s only gotten worse with all the newbies. It’s tough, because with X traveling, I have to really schedule my workouts carefully. I can’t wait until February, the traditional month when resolutions scatter to the wind in a haze of carbs and cigarettes.

Consumption Junction: In our house, since 2005 will go down as the Year of Consumption, then 2006 will be the Year of Conservation. Granted, many of our purchases in 2005 were out of our control - when your futon literally falls apart, you buy a couch. When you are about to give birth, you buy a crib. However, many of our purchases in 2005 were just plain OUT OF control. So, this is the year that X and I are going to have to get the savings back into order. Not exactly a resolution, but really a life change, of sorts. For the first time in our marriage, we actually put together a BUDGET. Egads.


Sock it to me!

My first sock! Unfortunately, this means there must be a SECOND sock to make this whole "knitting socks" thing work.

Staying out of trouble.

Original Baby and New Baby sleeping peacefully after a crazy day.

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