January 18, 2006

What’s holding me back?

Since the kid was born, I have liked to joke that he needed a haircut. Um, the laughing has died down and it is time for X and I to face the inevitable. Our 3 month old baby actually NEEDS A HAIRCUT, as evidenced by the lack of ear flappage below:

The Hair is to the point that even after a fresh washing and combing - it’s outta control. Then, it quickly becomes matted and knotted with drool and such and THEN his fingers get tangled in it which leads to SCREECHING which is PAINFUL (to me, anyway. Don't know about HIM). I am not sure why, but I am really dreading this first haircut. WHY? Can anyone explain this to me?

In other news, I am fighting a cold that X left behind as he sneezed and coughed his merry way to DC/VA on Sunday. I can’t tell yet if the kid is going to get it or not - he was pretty fussy last night, but that could have been due to the hot sauce I generously dabbed on my lunch. I guess today will be a perfect day to curl up on the couch and finally watch the FOUR hour premiere of Season 5 of 24. Speaking of which, damn the producers that thought FOUR freakin’* hours was a great idea for a premiere. I haven’t gotten through it yet and thanks to bloggers that don’t bother to shout Spoiler! before proceeding with juicy tidbits, there isn’t much left to surprise. Okay, so maybe I do have the time to watch a FOUR premiere. However, when the baby is awake, I’d much rather sit on the floor to play with him, listen to him fill yet another diaper, observe him wrestling the Blue Bunny to the ground, witness his hair grow even longer, and hear his mad screeching for his Lamaze multi-sensory cube ( the ugliest toy known to man), Conversely, when the monkey is ASLEEP, I’d rather rush around like a madwoman getting things done so that I can sit with him and watch all those activities previously mentioned.

Anyway, I hope this cold doesn't interfere with what I refer to as my "J Time". Cousin J comes Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to sit with MonkeyBoy - I use that time to work out at the gym and run errands. If I have any spare time left, I sometimes go to a nearby Starbucks** to knit. The 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, I go to a knitting group at Urban Arts and Crafts down in the RiverMarket area. Interestingly enough, X was the one to insist on not only having J come in, but also to increasing her time to 3 hour shifts.*** Genius, that X, pure genius. Sometimes, I actually don't want to leave the kid and really, 3 hours is a bit too much (2 hours was not quite enough, though). The beauty of it all is that it makes me get out of the house and away from the kid so that in the end, I LOOK FORWARD TO COMING HOME.

*LOOKIE! I didn’t ACTUALLY drop the F-Bomb and merely alluded to it. Yes sirree, THAT’S what motherhood will do to you. Before you know it, I’ll be saying “passing gas” instead of “farting”.

**Let me state here that not only is coffee at Starbuck "Meh", but the people-watching at a SUBURBAN branch is even more so. I really wish we had a funky coffee house nearby. Damn, I miss my college days in Lawrence.

***My mother is so jealous of Cousin J that it is becoming very UNfunny. Particularly when she discovered that MonkeyBoy will take a bottle easily from Cousin J, but not from HER. Tears were actually shed over that one last Saturday evening. Sigh.......

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