November 4, 2005

Who’s Your Daddy?

Arun will eventually realize after a quick perusal of his parent’s wedding photos that his daddy NEVER smiles for photos and always harbors a slightly trepid look when faced with a camera. No matter how happy the occasion. And yes, it is a good thing that X doesn’t read my blog and discover how casually I was willing to sacrifice HIS anonymity for the sake of Somewhat Interesting Post Material.

Things are still going well, which leaves me to wonder - what am I doing wrong? Why am I not walking around in a befuddled, sleep-deprived haze? Furthermore, while my free time has decreased quite a bit, I still manage to watch a bit of TV here and there, go on-line and hell - even READ. It’s crazy to think that it has been almost 3 weeks - it has flown by. I still can’t believe how much I am enjoying motherhood, though. It is SO fun. Yeah, I have my weepy moments, but usually they are late at night when I am tired (I am also still in some pain from recovering after the birth - it’s my own damn fault because I keep RUNNING around instead of LAYING around). Fortunately, every morning, I wake up out of the funk. It helps to have such an adorable, snugly baby to look forward to each day. Seriously. After years of deadlines, negative co-workers and mind-numbing jobs, a few dirty diapers pale in comparison. My ex-office mates at the Fed alone can out-whine Arun any day of the week - hands down.

Anyway, I realize this blog has turned into All Monkey, All the Time. Fear not - I have an actual non-baby related post rambling around in my head for next week. It’s a total Soapbox Post regarding a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I may even piss some people off with it. Gasp.

Have a great weekend!

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