November 28, 2005

What am I doing?

Running around with my head cut off. I need to be in Lawrence for a Christmas Tree Festival by 1:00 pm. I still need to pump, take a shower, get dressed, get the kid dressed, and eat lunch all while fervently praying the kid cooperates in this mayhem. Which of course means that I will be a negligent mother and skip Tummy Time this morning. My kid probably won't start crawling until he's 2 years old at this rate which just goes to show you how early Failure can start happening in the game of life.

Why am I running late? The kid was fussy all day yesterday and wouldn't take a good long nap. Thank god for the Baby Bjorn or I would have gotten nothing done. He finally went down at MIDNIGHT. Then he woke up at 4:30, ate like a lumberjack, then slept until 9:30 am While I am not complaining about such a luxurious stretch of sleep, I was counting on my little Alarm Clock to get me up at 7:30 am.

Anyway, Assvice Post coming later tonight. Here's a Teaser:

That Baby Will Get Sore From Being Passed Around!"
Picture this: me yanking the kid from someone's arm while screeching indignantly "Stop it! You're making him sore!"

I am so not making this shit up!!

Update as I head for the door:
New Mommy Discovery I made this morning while getting ready. This is really no feasible or practical way to put on deoderant while the kid is strapped into the Baby Bjorn. Choice must be made:
1) Be Stinky
2) Wake the Kid Up

As Phil on the Amazing Race would say - "each with its own pros and cons".

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