January 30, 2008

Would this be too much? You think?

I suspect X would think so.

I read a post about mommybloggers the other day and how they have nothing else to talk about but their kids. That is sticking in my craw a bit. Truthfully, there is not much more to me these days than my kids and my husband. The kids are small (one is breastfeeding, no less) and my husband is building a new business - everyone else needs me more these days than I need myself. So, they do get more of me. I am mostly fine with that because I know it is temporary - reading mommybloggers with older children certainly keeps that in perspective. Therefore, I will resist the irritation that rises like bile when I read things like that post. I do try to write about more than my kids, but you can only write so much about books and yarn before you are bored with your own damned self. And I cannot really write about the new business because that is work and you know The Rules About Blogging About Work.

Anyway.......I read this just today on ParentHacks:
In order to keep my 2 1/2 yr old and 4 yr old occupied at the grocery store or at Target/Walmart, I will bring along their toy shopping carts, so that they can "shop" with me. I let them carry a few items and then have them put the items on the checkout counter. They love it!

If I could reach through the wired tin cans running this here Internet Thing, I would love to throttle that parent. Read carefully - the parent took BOTH of her kids' shopping carts. I cannot imagine all the venomous ire directed her way as she and her kids log-jammed aisle after aisle.


Stephanie said...

Haha! Though, sometimes little kids with carts can be cute... but obviously, not all kids can handle the carts without becoming obnoxious to the other shoppers or knocking everything over. (Heck, I have trouble not knocking into things with those carts!)

One of our local grocery stores has small carts that have a very tall flag (I'm guessing so adults can see it and not trip over the kid/cart) that reads "Customer in Training." I'm waiting for the day I have a kid who can push around that cart... I'm totally filling it with wine and beer.

Average Jane said...

It's hard not to fall into a topic rut after years of blogging whether you're a parent or not. Don't sweat it - I enjoy reading whatever you write about!

Leah said...

Why doesn't that douchebag just, um, NOT READ MOMMYBLOGS??? Is he/she being forced at gunpoint? Put something new on you google reader, fuckwad!

Hmm. It appears you hit a nerve there. ;)

Also, I thought the exact same ting when I read that parenthack. Oh dear.

meno said...

I always wonder about people who complain about a certain kind of blog. It's not like it's required reading dude!

Christy said...

I love mommybloggers because I like reading about their kids. Nearly all of my posts are about my kids, because they are the center of my little world.

Personally, I would like to punch the lady who suggested taking the toy shopping carts into the grocery store.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

You run two other blogs on completely different subjects! Comment is same old same old mommybloggingissuxxorwahwahwah. Some parent blogging good, some mediocre, some trainwrecky, whatever. It's the same breakdown as every other blogging subject on the web (singleton blogging, foodblogging, anal sphincter updateblogging).

Besides, some blogs about children/pets/anal sphincters are set up SOLELY to keep people, like grandparents, updated. I know my former classmate has a blog that is very her-kid-focused but she was running a really nice little site on local tourism, where I saw her child mentioned approximately twice. I think she's on hiatus but I generally send it to people who email me asking about the area we went to graduate school in (awkward sentence construction, do not mind).

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Thank goodness I've never had to even consider bringing toy carts shopping. My two are perfectly content to stake claim on certain items from the big cart, and they get to put them on the belt at the checkout as well. Apparently, I'm more about having the kids help me than me catering to them;>

Mojavi said...

the shopping cart idea is just insane!

Mamma Sarah said...

1st - I love the underwear!

2nd - I second the comment above about if you don't want to read mommyblogs... then don't read them. I'm trying to balance life, love, marriage, and kids... and yeah the kid(and soon to be kids) rule the center of my universe for the most part. UGH!

3rd - Bring your own shopping carts for the kids?!?!?! WTF? That's insane. There are stores that provide them and if your kids are old enough to "help" shop then great... put the stuff in the big cart. It's all about teamwork, not who has what in their cart. I can see the potential for arguments here.