January 23, 2008

What is the lesson here?

I recently found a link to a now-defunct blog that had some awesome recipes on it (credit goes to Modern Day Hermit for the link that lead to this link - thanks!!) The Kerala Kitchen is pretty much dead, but holy crap! Two of the recipes on here have quickly been put into frequent rotation in our own little Kansas Kitchen. Her shrimp fry is mouth-watering and so hot, that it is also eye-watering (I have to wash the shrimp off before giving to Arun). However, it is SO easy to make and as a bonus, requires marination. It is a cinch to let it marinate, then fry just before dinner. I love dishes that require marination because I can get some of the steps out of the way during naptime. We also hoovered up her tuna fry like no-one's business (oink! oink!), except that we used salmon, instead of tuna. I am not a huge fan of tuna, but cannot wait to try this with marlin, which happens to be in season and is somewhat available right now.

Also, I informed X that the Innernets have spoken and that shears will not be Doing the Nasty on our sweet girl's curly locks. Thank you for your votes!

Anatomy of a Hairstyle
A quick comb through makes all the rats flee for their lives.

A little calming conditioner ain't so calming.

Pray for low humidity and no rain.

Ugly Doll, Beautiful Girl
In my quest for achieving gender equality, I bought this Ugly Doll for Arun when he was a baby. The doll's name is Minimum Wage and was my crude attempt at imparting some sort of educational lesson. Arun cared not a whit for the doll, but Anjali loves it.

The Cat's Meow


Onlythetruth said...
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Flybunny said...

How can not just be constantly be kissing those cheeks???

She is so so so beautiful. The hair has got to stay but when you cut it, can I have it to make a weave for my bald headed baby girl?

Sorry about the above comment - was having problems

Marilyn said...

Dear god, that is one gorgeous baby. I'm sure you already know this, being a biased mother, but HOLY JESUS. I'm going to have a bald baby myself but damn for those eyes and that hair!!

Moderndayhermit said...

Oh my gosh, what awesome pics...AGAIN! She's such a beauty!

That shrimp fry looks awesome, I think Richard would love it, too (he's been really into Indian food lately...about damn time).

Diana said...

Those recipes look incredibly good!

I'm also jealous of Anjali's hair. Sara's never had enough to do the cute bows in it until she was well into her toddlerhood, and then, when I tried bows or barettes, she just pulled them off and put them in her mouth.

Sara thinks Anjali looks "stylish". So there. No cutting the stylish.

elizasmom said...

Ha! I love the second picture. She looks like a tiny Einstein.

She has awesome hair, and beautiful eyes.

MLE said...

Your daughter is impossibly beautiful! You and X have made two of the world's most gorgeous children.

I covet her hair, btw.

Christy said...

I am not much for cooking, but I love looking at baby photos. Your baby girl is super cute!

Mamma Sarah said...

OMG is ever so adorable. I must say if your girl and my boy ever meet I think it will be instant love. :-)

Thanks for the recipe link. :-D

Rayne of Terror said...

I hear California Baby has good products for curly headed babes. Several of the moms in my hippie mom group swear by it.

Anjali said...

Those gorgeous eyes just kill me.

And I'm so glad you're not snipping. I think Mira was 4 years old before we cut her hair for the first time. Leela was around 2.

Rozanne said...

She just keeps getting cuter and prettier all the time! Glad you didn't cut her hair--I would have had to arrest you.

Julia said...

I love the curls! Love 'em, love' em! They can be harder to tame, but boy are they worth it.

Jenn said...

Wow, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!!