January 3, 2008

Serenity when?

I noticed that I have really enjoyed responding to comments. I am going to try and keep it up - for the "most-current" posts at least. I have also enjoyed discovering some new blogs! Speaking of comments - now that I have opened them up to everyone, I am getting spam. I may have to start closing comments on old posts - just an FYI if you noticed some odd things coming through on your feed readers.

Not much lately - I am in a writing slump which sucks because I have some writing to do for X. How do folks write for a living? I simply cannot make the words magically appear - I need to be in a special mood for the words to spring forth from these fingers. Bah.

The kids are doing really well. Anjali is so very roly-poly these days......tummy, back, tummy, back........she is not quite log-rolling across the living room floor, but she is damned close. Officially, she is mobile because you cannot be guaranteed she will stay where you put her which means I need to start thinking about re-babyproofing the damned house all over again. One advantage of having 2 Under 2 is that Kid #1's toys are not Too Teeny Tiny yet - at least that is one battle already won. It is pretty funny to watch Anjali and Arun together these days. He declares that it is "Anju's turn!" for rolling, then he declares that it is "Arun's turn!" for rolling. When he log-rolls across the floor, her eyes light up as if to say "Whoa. DUDE." She is absolutely fascinated with him. I think what is most surprising is that when I envisioned them playing together, I thought it would be down the road, when they are older. I had no clue it would happen this early! The rolling around....the games of Peek-a-boo..... the making each other laugh by being silly..... It is truly a joy to watch them together. They are the sparkle in these dreary, bitterly cold days as of late.

Because Segues Are So 2007........Why are folks so against the warehouse clubs? We have a Costco executive membership and it literally pays for itself with the 2% rebate we get at the end of the year. In short, it is FREE for us to have this membership and we have saved so! much! money! on our necessities over the past year - things like fresh produce, chicken/fish, cheese, detergent, paper products, milk, coffee beans, diapers - all things that we have to buy anyway. Furthermore, gas is always cheaper there - I remember a few weeks back it was 7 cents cheaper - add in the rebate and that was a 13 cent/gallon savings. Crazy!

In A Slump
Today, I was hanging out at a kids' gym, keeping an eye on Arun while he ran like a crazy man. Anjali was all eyes, having the time of her life. Next thing I know, I look down and Miss Thang is slumped over asleep. She has done this before and it always reminds me of when my grandpa used to fall asleep at the dining room table while reading the paper. Believe you me, Arun NEVER EVER did this, so it still shocks me when Anju does it. (Thanks goes out to Mojavi for snapping this on her camera phone!)


Susan said...

Ahh, I love to see Anjali spontaneously fall asleep like that! It gives me hope that maybe my second child will decide that sleep is a GOOD thing.

Mojavi said...

awwww.. she is so adorable.. I have to say she has the best smile EVER! WHen she sees me and smile my heart actually skips a beat :) the only other girl who gets that reaction from me is Kya....

Min-tea said...

So cute!

Olivia said...

RE: the warehouse clubs - I think they are great. What a bargain and you can get just about anything you need in one place. It seems to me that people who don't like them are more concerned about image and the warehouse doesn't fit that image. And maybe because stuff is purchased in bulk they get the impression that it's gluttonous. I also think many of the naysayers have probably never been to a Costo.

And what a cute pic of Anju! My husband falls asleep like that. Talking one moment and snoring the next. Sometimes I'm envious.

Christy said...

I am completely impressed with the sleeping sitting up thing. We are having serious nap issues at my house.

Stephanie said...

What a cutie! Her curls look pretty tame there, compared to other photos. :-)

I can see warehouse clubs working for families, but I joined Costco for a year once, since I basically lived across the street from it, and it was a total waste for me. I definitely did not make my money back... there's only so much a single person can buy in bulk. Mine didn't have gas there either, but even if it did, I'm not sure a 7 cents per gallon savings would add up to the $70 membership.

Christine said...

Okay, I'll bite on the warehouse thing.

Yes, I've been to one. No, I've never officially joined. It's a waste, at least for us (I have no thoughts on whether it is for anyone else). We don't buy packaged food at all, instead we mostly buy fresh produce, etc (i.e. we usually make our own pasta - we are THOSE people). But, I did once see the results of a study that showed that for most people, the warehouses are wasteful. The food will go bad before they can eat it.

But in vet school we'd get a guest pass and stock up on toilet paper.

Cute picture!

Moderndayhermit said...

I love Costco, we purchase frozen chicken breasts and fresh produce there all the time. One of those big-ass bins of baby spinach, english cukes and lettuce - we use one container per week and a couple 3-packs of cukes, too.

I just wish they sold beans and dhals, then we'd really be set.

We are not box food eaters at all and we are fans.


Love the pic of Anjali how adorable!

Stephanie said...

Hm, perhaps the fact that joining Costco didn't work for me can also be attributed to (a) not eating meat (so no big savings in that department for me), and (b) the produce at mine was just gross, and I wouldn't dream of buying it there.

lorib said...

I love Costco, but understand the naysayers too. I have to be very careful in my purchases or it can lead to waste. I'll try a new product and love it for a while but then get tired of eating the same granola bars for the next two months. And the impulse purchases can add up really fast. I do highly recommend Costco for anyone buying diapers!

Adorable sleeping Anjali!

Mojavi said...

wait I missed the whole costco evilness... what is that all about?

Diana said...

That whole 'entertaining each other' thing is sheer gold, isn't it?

We had a Costco membership back when we lived in Portland, but found there were none out here in WI. Now I hear that they're to build one in the future in Madison and I couldn't be more thrilled. Of course that'll mean that we'll first have to buy a freezer to store all the bargains, but that's a small price (pun intended) to pay, yes?

Goofy Girl said...

Okay, so shoot me, I'm a helper, and I've now got some time on my hands (never a good thing!). Here's some topics that you might consider for future posts:

1. What's the worst parenting advice you've ever gotten?
2. What's your favorite dish to make? (and post the recipe, please!)
3. Paper or plastic? And why?
4. Look ahead two years. What's your life like?
5. What's the weirdest blog that you read? (c'mon, fess up!)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Beautiful bangles, beautiful baby.

Warehouse clubs worked best for my family when it was the 4 of us and my parents had 2 teenage kids going through enough cereals, tampons and cetaphil to make it worth it. Doesn't work so well for me single, as noted by others.

Have you been to New England Mobil Bookfair yet????

CPA Mom said...

beautiful picture of a beautiful girl! she is growing up so fast.

i love it when my two play together as well.

i like Sam's, etc. though the gas is no longer the cheapest - they decided that they no longer have to compete with anyone but BJ's so frequently the Wawa is cheaper.

I just never go in the store because the initial bill is too high for my budget.

Cagey said...

Susan - There IS hope your baby will sleep. I promise!

Mojavi - When Kya smiles, her face just lights up. :-)

Min-Tea - Thanks!

Olivia - I think you are right. We do not buy that much of the boxed food, actually.

Christy - We are having serious nap issues as well. Which is why I am amazed when she slumps over like that.

Stephanie - I did not join Costco until I bought a house. The membership at that time was only $40 and it was still worth it even though I was single. But I agree with you, it is a close call even with 2 living together.

Christine - Yes, we have to be careful what we buy. And for sure, if X goes without me, some goes to waste because the dude has no FREAKING clue as to what we will realistically eat.

ModernDayHermit - The chicken breasts are FAB and I am pretty picky about my meat.

Lorib - Yes, I have to be really, really careful what I buy.

Cagey said...

Mojavi - The warehouse evilness is nothing in particular, just I get some eye-rolling sometimes from folks when they ask where I got something and I say it was from Costco.

Diana - I am hoping the "entertaining each other" thing last awhile!

Goofy Girl - I will have to think about some of those topics. Maybe, I will bite. :-)

Monkey - have not been to the mobile bookfair. Not sure I need to know about that! I do want to visit the famous Strymishes (sp?) though!!

CPA Mom,
The initial bills do suck - it takes awhile to get into a groove.