October 21, 2007

What has been making me giggle lately?

Kid Rock Arrested in Waffle House Fight
I did not even need to read the article for all the giggling I got out of the headline alone. Who knew the Waffle House was such a den of violence?

In other news, Arun is honing his skills in the realm of "Out of the Mouths of Babes". I do not intend to subject the Innernets to much of this new language I call Arunese, but some of it simply cracks me up. For the longest time, I could not figure out why I got the biggest kick out of him saying "more". Then, I noticed I was equally delighted by his similar pronunciation of "four".

Last night, it occurred to me why it tickles me so.

Basically, my kid appears to be channeling Ralph Cifaretto's pronunciation of "whore" (Ralphie said it like "who-are"). And now, I cannot get it out of my head. And it is wrong. I know it is, but I still laugh......

Baby Einstein
I cannot get enough of that hair.

Kilroy Was Here. Redux.
She simply cracks us up when she does this "peeking out of the Bjorn" thing.

My Lame Attempt at Being Artistic
Truly lame. To an extent where I can only laugh at myself.
Updated: Hmmm, the more I look at this picture, the more I like it. I was SO disappointed in it when I initially downloaded it, but it will always remind me of some special times that inspired me taking it in the first place. Which is sort of the point of taking snaps, no?

My Most Favorite Kinder Egg Toy in my Collection
And yes, there IS a Kinder Egg collection. Mock amongst yourselves.
Updated: Oops - apparently I am not that lame after all, there are loads of others with Kinder Egg collections.



Modern Day Hermit said...

hahaha, too funny. For the longest time I thought Alex was saying shit and fuck...but was saying sit and truck. Hmph. Close call on THAT one.


Your little darlings are just so beautiful. Anjali is so stunning. Those eyes, her HAIR. Oh, be still my heart. Hell, forget my heart...MY OVARIES.

The Hunter's Prize said...

Oh, that last picture is funny! When I worked at a library, we had that sign up in the children's section.

Rozanne said...

Anjali's hair is amazing (OK, I'm jealous). Weird that it's totally unlike her brother's except for the fact that they both have lots of it.

Modern Day Hermit said...

oh, meant to say I really like that night shot. The way the electrical lines are disappearing in the distance and the gradient, night sky.

Christy said...

Anjali has such a sweet little face. Pictures of her always make me smile.