October 15, 2007

If the Wicked Witch of the West melts
in water, how did she take a bath?

Note to the Innernets:
Loading your kid up on cupcakes is most definitely not conducive to healthy sleep habits. Trust me on this.

So..... Arun's 2nd Halloween party was a smashing success. Again, I kept it simple - a few snacks, cupcakes and an easy balloon decorating activity. Everyone had fun wearing their costumes, including Yours Truly in my Professor McGonagall costume. It seems appropriate for me to dress as a witch and as I do not see any drastic changes in my personality traits forthcoming, I suspect I will always be a witch.

So....I am still torn about having to limit the numbers of the party and only inviting kids that Arun plays with on a regular basis. Nearly every single friend I have has kids and it seemed weird to have a party yet not invite all of my friends as well.

So....Only one friend broke the strict No Gifts Mandate and since she brought me Arun a Mr. Potato Head, she has been forgiven. Holy crap, no one tells you how to keep your little brat from messing with your Potato Head Masterpiece. I am planning on buying me Arun some of the expansion packs - I am thinking we he most definitely needs the Glamour Spud and Space Spud sets.

A rare, elusive beast with menacing eyes. Native to the plains region. Known for its maniacal laughter and its penchant for stealing your heart. Diet consists of pizza, fries, cupcakes, yogurt and rice.


Crazy Eyes


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Happy B-Day & Harpy Howl-o-ween Arun!!

And happy 1st halloween to Anju. Gods, isn't it the best time of year?

Mojavi said...

with oil... if you would just read "wicked" you would know this already *wink*

Mrs. CPA said...

The H-man loves cupcakes, but he can't have them anymore because of his allergy. Give Arun and extra one for Hud-Hud. Just not at night.

Christy said...

Your babies are getting so big! I hope Arun had a happy birthday.

Mamma Sarah said...

How cute is that costume!!!

Meleah the Mommy said...

Both of your babies are just too cute for words!

Modern Day Hermit said...

Happy Birthday to Arun! The kids are too precious!

Erin said...

Jeez, there really should be a limit. That kangaroo costume on Arun is TOO CUTE.