October 29, 2007

Is it really that hard?

Aw Shucks....
X and I had unprotected sex in October 2006 and I am ever, ever so eternally grateful. Had I known that encounter would be our very last ever unprotected, unpregnant conjugal visit EVER, sure - I would have tried to be more appreciative. But, um.... Still. No regrets. Anjali is one of the most precious mistakes ever in my entire History of Lifetime Mistakes. Of which there are plenty (and I hope they do not have blogs of their own.)

Anyway.... when Marilyn writes yet again* on one of my 2 Under 2 posts, I have to take a moment and think. And think. And think some more. I hope it is crystal clear to everyone how utterly crazy I am about these two obnoxious kids of whom I am so very, very privileged to be left in charge of their complete well-being. Right? They are my Center, that is for sure. And I should mention that I primarily do the 2 Under 2 posts not because I think we have it harder, but rather that we of the Club have it different. I am merely attempting to share the experience for those that may be facing similar Life and Times. I have a friend who had a baby earlier this year and her situation with her 9 year old daughter is challenging in very different ways then those I am experiencing with Arun. But I do not think my situation is more difficult. It is just different than my friend's situation. For sure, she could probably use a blogger doing a "2 Under 9" series of posts.

And it is true, I am taking much creative license with these posts. For example: getting into Target is painful, the actual visit there is usually no big deal. Ah - yes! You never hear about the actual adventure inside Target, now do you?? Anjali has yet to cry inside the walls of Target (that's my girl!) and Arun has not made a fuss in the presence of the Bullet Eyed One since he was Anjali's age and even that was my fault because I improperly timed a feeding. In general, trips to Target are a no-brainer for Entertainment Mileage.

But Naptime? She is a whore. I hate Naptime. I am on the brink of declaring that Arun has outgrown Naptime, that evil temptress. However, Bedtime is a much bigger Bitch and as we all know, no one ever, ever outgrows Bedtime.

So, there you have it. Sleeping is our biggest problem with the 2 Under 2 predicament into which we have found ourselves tangled. My first piece of advice to parents would be "get sleep under control". Although, to be fair, that is very crux of the 2 Under 2 issue. A child under 2 is going through some Crazy Times as it is - walking, jumping, running, counting, talking, teething. Then, you throw a sibling into the mix and hello! You just rocked the poor kid's world. What could you ever expect? Not much shut-eye, that is for damned sure.

So....yes.... it is that hard having 2 Under 2. But it is temporary. It has to be because I cling to that knowledge knowing that as things are difficult now , eventually they will even out. And I am appreciative of the fact that Arun has never once questioned Anjali's existence. Not once. The 2nd time he came to visit me in the hospital, Anju was in the nursery, but he immediately noticed she was not in my room and continually asked where da bee-bee" was until she was finally brought in by the nurse. And since we brought her home, she is usually the first thing he asks for in the morning.... "see baby? see baby?". He will never remember a time that she was not in his life. And vice versa.

I consider it a perk, not a quirk. And I will take it and be thankful.

Did I mention how utterly insane I am over these kids? Yes?

IMs on the Edge
From Cagey to X:
KelliG**(7:30:15 PM): I love you. You drive me crazy sometimes, but truly, you are my Everything.
KelliG(7:35:07 PM): espresso grinders. what do you think? tell me and I will look on eBayhttp://www.chowhound.com/topics/398033

Later in evening...... X, from the dining room says "Hey, Cagey - are you on AOL?"
KelliG(11:37:25 PM): yes I am you sexy thang.

From undying declarations of love to espresso to crude lust. That is how we roll around here.

*And are you reading Parenting Sites 411? No? Why not? Marilyn's Friday "You Need to Read" posts make my day. Seriously - check it out.

** AOL Name changed to protect the guilty. Which would be me. I sorta like me. Which is why I protect me.


Marilyn (aka callistawolf) said...

I keep mentioning your "2 under 2" posts because I find them so inspiring and interesting. This will be me within the year and I grasp onto each post in the hopes that maybe they will give me a glimpse of what it will be like. If I have it even remotely like you do, I'll count myself lucky.

And Liam sleeps GREAT now (at bedtime, maybe not so much at naptime all the time), are you trying to tell me this status could change??

Cagey said...

I am glad you used the word "inspiring" because it IS fun, too. I hope I convey a little of that here.

With 2 Under 2 it is such a crapshoot. That is awesome that Liam sleeps well now! He will have a lot going on within the next year. New sibling or not.

Currently, Arun is really into counting. Some nights, he lies in bed tapping on the wall and counting over and over and over. Just sleep, already! Then, other nights seem to be "teething" nights. However, I have no explanation whatsoever for the other nights he does not sleep.


Diana said...

Giving up nappage at the tender age of 2?!? You have my extreme condolences. Both mine napped well into their 4s. It was the root of my sanity, such as it is.

Dooneybug said...

I always tell anyone that goes on at me about how hard it must be having 2 under 2 that it would be hard no matter the ages, just different.

I have a friend who's 16 month old is trying to give up naps. My son went from 2 naps to 1 at 8 months old. I really hope he decides naps are great for a long time to come - they are my salvation!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I like your 2 under 2 posts. Although I'd also like a regular series on how one lands a good Indian man and produces photogenic, sweet-tempered children. Thanks in advance!!

Christy said...

I appreciate your 2 under 2 posts. I want to know more about everyday life with young babies. You are my mentor Cagey.

Two Shews said...

Hey! I just found your blog through We're Not in Kansas Anymore, and your cracking me up! I am a fellow Kansan, who, until today, was unaware that there were so many Kansas Mommy Bloggers out here.

I also had two under two-- #1 much tried for and #2 a rare moment alone with no proper...planning. We are at 3 1/2 and 20 months now. And the fun does not stop! (Nor does the whining, or demands, or nose wiping...)