October 3, 2007

Boy, you've got your hands full, don't you?

Why, yes.

YES, Random Stranger, I DO have my hands full.

Thanks! for! noticing!

Too bad you did not notice when we were outside and you could have been helpful by holding the fucking door open for me before you waltzed on through the doorway.

Thanks, Asshole.

Truly, I do not seek much outside assistance. I chose to have unprotected sex, after all.* (gladly! willingly! Sweet Lord, Hallelujah! yes. yes. YES!). I am happily and responsibly bearing the consequences. Squee! But still.... for the love of All Things Miss Manners, why cannot folks hold doors open these days?

So.....Arun's first week of preschool went okay. Not great, but okay. He does not necessarily say goodbye with a smile**, but he is none worse for the wear and he is certainly not panicked when I come to get him. He was particularly sweet today during Pickup when the first thing he did as I hoisted him onto my hip was to lean over and give his Baby Bjorn'd sister a smooch while snuggling his nose in her hair and making the obligatory "Mwah" sound. Seriously - that sort of shit makes burning biceps totally and completely worth it. It also makes me reconsider hiring a nanny.

In other news, apparently we have a parrot in our midst. That little "language explosion" all the Wise Baby Tomes keep referring to? Yeah. It is upon us. Oh....Yeah.......My kid can say such gems as "cake", "food",and "uh oh". OH. And he is repeating everything I say. You do the math with that combination of vowels and consonants. I am going to have to clean up my Linguistics Act STAT. Look for this blog to become one of my few outlets for all the smut brewing in my coconut. Holy fucking crap. I love me my foul words. SHIT.

SO......Anjali is 12 weeks old this week. This is where I officially move into "months". I am now the mother of a 3 month old and a nearly 2 year old. Wow. WOW. In late 2004, X and I were thinking we should start trying in December to "get pregnant" and "see what happens" since I had always been told by my doctors I "would have trouble"**** and "might need to be jumpstarted"******. Then, THEN.

October 16, 2005 we have a kid. Then, October 16, 2006 we go about conceiving another - a story which shall be recounted as the Tale of the Golden Bangle - without details for Arun and Anjali. Of course. Although, when Anjali grabs at my bangles, I giggle a bit. Little does she know their part in her conception. I am still a little in awe of it all, quite frankly and never, ever not exceeding grateful for the privilege that our combined fertility has afforded us. Seriously.

Life is good. Fuckin' A, peoples.

It is GOOD.

*AND, I might add, the last unprotected sex of my life unless one of us goes all snippity, snip, snip.

** I did the obligatory Waiting Near the Door Within Earshot 'Til the Tears Die Down that all mothers must perform when leaving their precious progeny in the hands of Cold Strangers***.

***Not really. She is actually really, really cool. Not cold.

**** X teasingly likes to remind me that I was supposed to "have trouble", like I tricked him or something into "starting" early, because we had thought it would take a long time to conceive. So, Um. We would have a kid in 2008 or something. Like, I secretly knew all along that we would be Super!Fertile!!! Whatever. *****

***** Birth control??? hahahaha! Joke's on YOU, Suckah!

******Actual Quote from one of my doctors, mid 1990s. I will never forget that quote, I was so horrified and terrified. Then, I went to the library. Because Dr. Google was still in med school at that point.*******

*******Are you tired of all the asterisks yet?

Rain, Rain, Go Away

12 Weeks

Lips? Her daddy's..... Eyes? Her daddy's..... Curly Hair? Her daddy's....
But her face shape? Mine. Her nose? Mine. Eye color? Mine.
Such a sweet, sweet mix of X and I. Truly, truly, she is lovely.
Our Peanut Butter Anjali.

1st Day of Day School

This picture is dedicated to Erin Keane. Who is about to distribute her first published book. Go give her some Linky Love.

Bento, Kansas Style
Cous cous, some grapes and carrots, then some Mareblu Cashew Crunch and cheese then...finally...good ole PBJ.
I am totally loving the Laptop Lunchbox. We received it last Saturday and have used it 3 times already-- getting ready for a 4th time on Friday when we do a picnic at the Zoo. This lunchbox was ridiculously expensive and yep. I bought it for myself with Arun as a mere excuse. However, not only is it FUN, it is EASY. You open the lid, throw in food, then head out the door. No fumbling for containers and lids. It is all there, neatly contained. The sports bottle fits perfectly in Arun's hand and he loves drinking out of it. The utensils are just the right size for him and are easily packed as well. I wish I could be more apologetic about the cost of this thing, but I suspect this sweet little box* is going to save us money in the long run because I am more apt to throw food into it than give in to the ubiquitous drive-thru at the Golden \Arches. Which my kid already excitedly yells "M!!" at when he sees the fucking sign. Not that we ever go there.



Stephanie said...

I am definitely a door holder opener, even for people without kids in tow, but definitely when I see someone heading toward the door with a stroller I make sure to rush ahead to get it for them. It always amazes me that people essentially let doors slam shut in the faces of people with strollers and bags and everything. I mean, come on... it's an extra 5 seconds and it's not like it's extra work or anything. Just stand still with the door open! Argh. Common courtesy people.

Wow, you've apparently hit right on a pet peeve of mine and I don't even have kids yet.

I love those bento lunchboxes and have considered buying one for myself, but our work fridge is always full of expired food and leftovers so there wouldn't be any room for it. You sure do pack a delicious looking lunch!

Anonymous said...

Squee!!! Peanut Butter Anjali???? Is that the cutest thing ever?

Grrr!!! To the assh*le that wouldn't hold the door for you. Nothing infuriates me more than the lack of basic good manners. Hope he gets a mean stomach bug.

Meleah the Mommy said...

I second, third, fourth, etc...
SERIOUSLY, my double long TWIN STROLLER with TWO count them TWO babies inside and you can't hold the door open -- I know you SAW ME/SEE ME just hold open the door! Everytime I go out I look for handicap entrances and I am shocked at how few there are and how some of those don't even work. It makes me have some serious sympathy for anyone in a wheelchair.

Modern Day Hermit said...

I try to imagine that maybe folks just have a lot on their mind but I'm sure they are just jerks a good percentage of the time.


I always felt [and still do, sort of] that I must be some cold-hearted bitch because dropping off my boy never bothered me. Richard could be a bucket of tears and I just drive away. What is wrong with me?


The kids are TOO CUTE! I love Anjali's hair, adorable. Such pretty children!

Dooneybug said...

Great post! Adorable kiddos!!

I also can't stand those people who want to make comments on how you have your hands full but don't want to offer assistance. Like I don't fucking know my hands are full!?! Don't get me started on the sales people in a bookstore I recently went to; three employees, empty bookstore and they all watched me juggle a double stroller through the doors while I had my daughter strapped into the front pack carrier (since she won't sit in the stroller). Needless to say, I gave a grunt as they said hello and pretty much walked back out. Like I'm going to buy something from them after that?

Rozanne said...

It looks like Arun's taking a briefcase to preschool with him! In addition to a backpack. Say it isn't so!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

1. I generally hold doors open for everyone.

2. Arun...looks suspiciously like the cartoon on his backpack. As in, whatever that cartoon kid's name is, Arun could have been the model. This makes me smile.

3. Anju's hair is so awesome. Although let me tell ya that as a fellow curl-girl, she's gonna have an afro till it lengthens out. And it's going to be awesome!! At least you are letting it grow out...my parents gave me a mohawk at 7 months and I had an Arun-pelt of fro at that time. Don't hate them too hard though...it was at my naming ceremony in temple and I've told you what my parents went through having me and Shweens so we both got the full traditional round of Hindu blessings and benediction so help us gods.

4. Her eyes are looking green in that photo!!!

5. I spent 15 minutes mulling over Peanut Butter Anjali. You have a knack for word play, I'll say that!!!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Oh, I say "generally" because I mean "99% of the time" and that 1% is when I've received bad news/have been upset or whatever. I don't really have a special courtesy level though I go out of my way to help the elderly and anyone struggling with lots of "stuff" because as a single person who does EVERYTHING herself, including carry around groceries like a pack mule, I know how much it s*cks.

Christy said...

People and their rude coments. People always look at me with shocked expressions on their faces. And then they proceed to say, "How are you going to handle two young babies?!?" I want to slap them in the face.

And people who don't hold the door open for mothers are bastards.

Mojavi said...

ok what was the nanny comment about???? Were you really even considering it...

Also I love the Peanut Butter Anjali

meno said...

You know, i had some pithy comment. But then i saw that first picture of your daughter and my ovaries (olds ovaries) jumped into my brain space and made me squeal with the cuteness.

Ok, people on crutches also need help with the door. You'd be surprised how many people do not know this simple fact.

Modern Day Hermit said...

Too cute! I can't stop visiting to take a peek!!!

Erin said...

Aw, thanks for the love, cagey! I am really enjoying seeing how Anjali and Arun are starting to look so much alike. Here's to sibling love!