May 4, 2012

Fridays of Intestinal Fortitude:
Rut Roh!

Note: Fridays of Intestinal Fortitude is a weekly(ish) feature about food, food and more FOOD. No, I am not an expert, but I do enjoy talking about food prep, cooking food, eating food and making sweet love to food.  Okay, maybe not the "sweet love" part. After all, this is not meant to be an homage to 9 1/2 Weeks.

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You will all be happy to know that we have been invited to dinner tomorrow at Emily and Victor's place and I am totally going to offer to bring dessert. Hopefully, she accepts my offer because I have been sampling a certain cake at our grocery store for a few weeks now and I have needed an excuse to buy it . Yes, NEEDED, since there is no way in hell I would buy an entire cake for our family of 4, particularly since Manoj can't even eat cake.  Team Chaos will probably faint from a combination of relief, shock and excitement when I announce the news that "Yes! We can buy that cake!"

So, I have been in a rut, of sorts.  Primarily in the Writing and Cooking areas which packs a double wallop for my Fridays, no?   Oddly, everything else around here is downright lovely these days, but I am struggling with the Writing and Cooking aspects.  And those are two pieces of my little existence which make me very happy and satisfied.  Therefore, I hope I figure something out soon.  I think the Writing Rut is going to result in a blog redesign.  The Cooking Rut?  Will probably pass on its own, but I am going to nudge it a bit.

How do I do that?  In two ways.

First!  When I find myself bored with my cooking routine, I back off for a week. I purposefully take it easy -- we eat out a bit more, I do simple things like a piece of fish paired with a veggie.  I give myself a break.

Second! I then challenge myself to something new.  This week, I am digging through magazine scraps, print-outs, cookbooks and Pinterest.  My goal for May is to try 6 new recipes and at least 2 old recipes that have not been in our rotation for awhile.

How do you get yourself out of ruts -- cooking or otherwise?  Have you tried any new recipes lately that were To Die For?  Obviously, I am open to ideas!


Anjali said...

Cooking ruts happen all too frequently around here, particularly since I don't enjoy cooking.

I do something similar to you, though. We'll eat out a little more than usually to help get the mojo back.

Jessica Oliveto said...

But what kind of cake is it!! :)

I think I've been in a cooking rut for the last 8.5 months! But I love cooking in the summer, since we can grill something and then try out different salads, slaws and other vegetable based sides.