July 13, 2011

Fat Old Sun

Pink Floyd, Atom Heart Mother 1970

Today's post title is courtesy of Kansas City temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, with humidity.  It's a darned good thing I got that leaky radiator fixed last weekend. Since I am a colossal idiot, I had confused the and levels.   I did not even realized the car was over-heating until my Friend the Car Mechanic pointed it out.  I'd like my V8 with a shot of vodka, please.

I really do not care to think too much on all of the different scenarios that could have resulted due to my failure in cognition.


Other than the heat and an unrelenting desire to find something interesting to do that involves that sweet, blessed artificial climate known as "air-conditioned indoors", things are pretty damned good right now.

Anjali's birthday weekend was packed full of fun and cake.  Anjali's Pretend Mama even kicked it into high gear and got her presents and threw her a fancy party.  I was really hoping her Pretend Mama would get her a pony because the only pony Anjali is getting from her Real Mama comes in varying hues of pastel. (Yes, the Pretend Family is still in full gear and now includes a Pretend Baby Boy and a Pretend Dog.  Sorry, Lucy - even you got upgraded.)

We are also still in full-on Boardgame Mode.  We are now playing Sorry with the 5-card hand version of the rules, which certainly makes it interesting but we have not tried Payday .  I did buy Rummikub which is really fun and quite challenging (I still have to help Arun with some of his decisions, but he got the basic concept down quickly).  And that Blokus game I mentioned?  SO MUCH AWESOME. I wish I could get Manoj to play with us, because I think that game would get crazy with more people.  Next up, is the Angry Birds Boardgame. It should arrive on Monday and Arun is I am eagerly counting the days.

Totally Tangential: In your family, do you pay Monopoly fines to the center of the board and then when someone lands on Free Parking, they get the money?   I call it the "kitty" and Arun giggles whenever I meow as he pays his fines (I hiss when *I* pay fines.  Of course.)   Arun also now kisses his money when I pay him rent.  I have NO idea where he learned such poor sportsmanship. *Cough*

And now, I shall commence with some random mommyblogging.....

The Team of Chaos Enjoys a Rainy Day

Rainy Days from Kelli Oliver George on Vimeo.
A silly thing I shot awhile back.  Notice how I patently ignore Arun?  At the end, I seem to notice there is a little boy sitting in my car. Oh right, Arun.  My SON.

The Team of Chaos Hath Spoken
Anju: Can I have some more tea?
Me: That was the last of it, I'll have to some more from scratch.
Anju: What? You don't have any SCRATCH?

"Scratch" - a new ingredient coming soon to an iced tea near you!

Anjali begins many of her sentences with "furthermore" and "I suppose".  Examples:

Me: Anju, pick up those toys.
Anjali: I don't want to.  Furthermore, Arun was the one who got them out!
Me: Anju, just pick them up, please?
Anjali: ALL RIGHT. I suppose I can pick them up.

Just as I was getting ready to hit "publish", Arun walked in to ask a question.

Me: Arun, why is your finger so dirty?
Arun: I was eating jelly.  I sneaked it and I didn't want you to know.
Me: Dude, you gotta learn to wash your hands if you are going to lead a life of crime.
Arun: Huh?

Mother of The Year, folks!  It's a major award!


The Hunter's Prize said...

Oh yes, we always put the money in the center and it goes to the Free parking spot. I know it's not in the rule, but who cares!

Olivia said...

Yep money in the center, isn't that the rule?

Scratch. A high school teacher loved to tell the story of her friend who one day confessed, "People are always talking about making cakes from scratch, but I can't find scratch anywhere!"