July 7, 2011

Celeste, I made this post just for you!

Years ago, I had this friend who had written an entertaining account of her experiences raising a passel of sea monkeys and she had created an email subscription of it.  I read the archives and declared "You should start a blog!"  Others urged her to do the same.

Finally, in 2004, she created Average Jane, thus ensuring a stream of free entertainment for years to come. (Thanks, Celeste!  We owe you!)  I call her blog the "most oxymoronically titled blog of all time" and I like to call her Not-So-Average Jane (behind her back, of course.)

Quite simply, Celeste, is probably one of the most interesting persons I know and is anything but average.  How many folks invite their friends to celebrate their birthday at a Food Truck Festival?

Also, she's always doing something - helping a local animal shelter every week, herding her own cats, raising veggies, reading books, belonging to 3 different book clubs, hosting game nights, singing in heavy metal bands, writing lyrics to music, taking long walks every morning, experimenting with cooking and baking, trying different restaurants, volunteering for charities, doing yoga, traveling and still keeping up on television, pop culture and social media.  I don't know how she does it.  It is as if she posses a special life force in which she can bend time.

Average Jane, Beer Maven
I saved this snap for a special occasion because the best part of this picture?  All of that is not her beer.

Celeste was definitely one of the primary forces who led me into blogging - I saw how much fun she was having and happily jumped into the fray a few months later.  In the summer of 2005, she casually mentioned that she was going to a small blogging conference for women and hey, would anyone else like to go? I was late in my pregnancy with Arun and jumped at the chance for a gal's trip.  That marked our first BlogHer and except for the year Anjali was born, I have gone ever since. The incredible experiences I have had through blogging and the amazing friends I have made these past 7 years?  I owe Celeste for that.

Thank you, Celeste.

Amongst her many super powers, Celeste wields considerable influence over small children and has charmed her way into Arun and Anjali's hearts as well. In fact, when I have plans with Celeste that do not include my kids, I have to hide this fact from them or they get jealous.

Average Jane, Adopted Aunt to the Masses
Celeste and Anjali, walking in the Rivermarket. 

Happy birthday, old friend.

I mean, not  because you are old, per se, but rather because we have been friends for so long.  Of course, if we are going to honest, you will always be older than me, but this is probably not the appropriate time to point that out, right?


Melanie said...

Awww happy birthday Celeste.... and I concur, Not-so-Average Jane indeed

Average Jane said...

Aw, thanks! You make me sound so much more interesting than I actually am.

I am very excited about having my birthday dinner at the Food Truck Festival. So glad you guys can come!

LuAnn said...

Great post! I heart the pic of her walking with Anjuli.