January 13, 2010


I have been blogging for well over 5 years now and have had only a handful of nasty comments in that time frame.  Lest you think I am breaking my arm patting my back, I know the truth.  I rarely talk about much of anything importance that would raise the ire of someone enough to break out them into a furious sweat.

Some of this is on purpose.  In some cases, I do not want to purposely hurt feelings.  In other cases, I do not see the point of composing careful posts that require my precious time when someone is not going to change his/her viewpoint anyway.  If something seems futile, I really do not care to waste my time or yours.  It is one of the top reasons why I do not rail about the idiocy and hypocrisy of most organized religions here.  Also, stirring up controversy takes time, fanning the flames of war is hard work, people. There is no diamond-encrusted couch here, as Amy always puts it.   Nope.  Just the one coated in yogurt and dog hair.

I have no agenda, no aspirations. 

For every opinion I could offer up here, I guarantee I can inspire a chorus of reactions. . If there is anything that I am proud of in my life, is that I have managed to surround myself - friends AND family - with a diverse crowd from many walks of life.

I always say I am my own Audience of One.  Oh sure, I do appreciate that I have strong-armed a few friends and family members into reading my babblings.  But I am not blind to the fact that this blog is primarily comprised of pure drivel.  The meaningless minutiae of  my life comprised of feelings about my family, my children and my situation.

However, I own these feelings and they are mine alone.

So, no.  I am not sad that I lost a reader yesterday.  After all, my own mother has cautioned me against censoring my posts as to not hurt her feelings.  Why would I begin censoring myself for someone who could not even bring themselves to peek out from under a cloak of anonymity?



Melanie said...

I kept meaning to comment yesterday but every time I started stringing a couple of sentences together a kid needed their nose wiped, or a snack needed prepared...

at any rate, I think you handled the situation well, i think often we as parents read other people's comments and read into them way more than was ever intended.....why? because never is there a job that we do that is more important, than that of raising our kids, so we do the best we can, but those little "what ifs" rattle in our brains and make us sensitive to anything we think might be a judgement about the way we are doing things!

I know I am not expressing myself well here (reason number 2 why I dont have a blog LOL) but i think we need to remember that someone else's decision for their family, does not make our different way of doing things wrong. If we each own our decisions and stop looking for the world to validate them, we will all be better off!

caro said...

I can see why the anon was irritated with "stuck in daycare." Totally rubbed me the wrong way, too. But to stop reading because of it, and in such a mean way? Meh. You're fun, funny, and usually thoughtful, which is the best most of us can do. I'd rather stick around and try to convince you that day care does not equal prison :)

Bethany said...

I just feel like I should comment so you remember I'm around!

Mojavi said...

I have had the same thing happen to me bacause of a breastfeeding post, wait or was it a CIO post, or it could have been a SAHM post... who knows, I forget...

I get so tired of being politically correct, not saying how I really feel because someone would be offended... like those christian people who feel like it is thier right to talk about god to everyone, like everyone should believe in him..... how offended they would be if you just busted out before they did that "religion is a joke and giving 10% to belong to a club is ridiculous, and people are like sheep..." (bet that offends)
God forbid (hehe) you say Daycare is a way for people to be able to afford big houses, large cars, and all their credit cards.... see... it is all a slippery slope

If your going to be mad or offended at least have the guts to put your name behind it.

ehhhh... facebook is the death of blogs anyhow why read about the drivel of strangers when your grandma is posting status updates:) lol.... *wink*

love ya
your co-worker

Mojavi said...

sorry there was no spell check on that one and my typing sucks!

kristen said...

I too bristled at reading “stuck in daycare” and then I reminded myself that my child is not. He is in the home of a family member that loves him as much as if he were her own. I don’t understand the whole “I’m never reading your blog again” comments. If you don’t like what you are reading then just stop reading.

I avoid commenting on, or expressing beliefs that I know others will disagree with, not because I don’t feel that my beliefs or opinions are worthy, but because it is not worth my time to try to convince someone of something they will never be convinced of. However I am happy to listen to other view points, when expressed respectfully, as they challenge me to evaluate my own standing. You don’t have to be politically correct to be respectful, just don’t attack me or insult me. That’s all I ask. Kellie I read your blog because I can fully disagree with you without feeling attacked.

Melanie I thought you expressed yourself very well. I feel the same way. I have researched and made the best choices I can for my family. Other people’s choices have no bearing on the validity of my own but sometimes I still have to remind myself of that.

Olivia said...

Funny, I didn't even notice the "stuck in daycare" until anonymous mentioned it. Maybe that's because I feel similar to you on the subject and am very, very happy my daughter has been able to stay of of daycare so far.

And I say this knowing she will be going to daycare next fall (part-time which still makes me happy), and as a child I was "stuck in daycare" myself. I don't think it's impossible to be in the position of having to work and use daycare, and yet still feel it's not optimal.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Re: the "stuck in daycare" comment - I wrote that and on a proofread debated whether to change it. I decided to keep it because it referred to my children, not anyone else's children. And for my kids, they would be stuck and they would be bored in a daycare for 8+ hours a day. It is not a judgment, it is just how it would be.

To be fair, daycare is probably good prep for school life because from experience, I can already see that Arun is going to be bored with school 3 days a week when he begins the pre-K program. In December during a crunch week, I put the kids in their little school for an extra morning one week and they were a little crazy after the 3rd and final day.

Jenny said...

well, at least you lost a reader for saying how you feel about something, which is of course quite honorable. I lost all mine by just not showing up anymore, which is far less honorable. sigh. love ya.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I see you more as spicytoast.