January 7, 2010

Group Hug.

Everyone talks about the evils of social media. Well, the other day I used it for good.

I had my baseline mammogram on 12/29 and did not think much of it. It's a baseline, right?  Oh sure, I am in a higher risk category for breast cancer, what with 2 generations backing me up (mother, great-grandmother.)  But still. I have to be positive with these things.

I would have had my baseline beginning at age 35, but by the age of 34, I was pregnant, then breastfeeding, then both.  I then spent a little over 4 years being pregnant, breastfeeding or both.  But yes, when Anjali weaned in January 2009, I was anxious to get on the Mammogram Train.

The mammogram was no big deal.  Seriously, folks.  If you are putting this off because you heard it was painful, let me assure you that while it was uncomfortable and certainly not fun, it was not painful. Furthermore, Olathe Medical Center has this amazing system and I was in and out and back in my car in less that 45 minutes.  I hauled a big ass book in there for nothing because I had no time to read. None.

Anyway.  Mammogram.  Done.  But then?  On Tuesday, I was working at my usual spot in our dining room and was on the phone.  I missed a call from my doctor, but happened to pick up a call from the Medical Center about scheduling a follow-up.  Unfortunately, the guy was just the dude who schedules and had no information otherwise.  Bah.  The doctor was not much more help other than "It's a spot that looks sick and we just need to get a closer look."

Realistically and statistically, it is nothing.  Nothing. And I know folks get skewered all the time for TMI Tweets.  But I was working and I needed a pat on the head. Sue me.  I had little time to sit and make phone call after phone call to my girlfriends and  I really, really needed to hear some commiserating tales of Been There, Done That.  So, I Tweeted. And within 30 minutes, I had several Pats on the Head and many, many Been There Done Thats.  Which is what I needed.

So, the next time someone rails about the evils of social media, remind them about the "social" part.

Truly, I do not want this to end on a dour note, so I am throwing out some snaps to lighten the mood.  I promise things are not Dim and Grim around here!

Part Husky

This dog sneaks out every chance she gets.  After every trip outside, she comes in COVERED in snow.  

Moose Princess

Her favorite pajamas and her favorite tiara.

No holster?  No problem!

Dude.  Timeouts are such a SNORE.

I put her in timeout and came back down to find her asleep.  Everybody wins!!!

More SNOW.
Yes, not only do we have more snow, but we now have brutal temperatures.  Literally, it is warmer in Antarctica.  Today's high? 6 degrees. Yes, an entire 6 degrees.  Still, it is warmer than tomorrow's project high of 2 degrees. 

The Gnome Did Not Stand a Chance.

Poor bastard.


jodifur said...

I'm so sorry I missed that tweet.

But everything is going to be fine, and remind me to tell you about the time I had to have an emergency lumpectomy right before my wedding b/c everyone thought it was cancer and I was 26. and it wasn't.

So yeah, you are totally going to be fine.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I also agree that you are going to be fine. And I cannot get over how velvety pink Lucy's ears are!

Anjali said...

Can't wait to hear the news that it's nothing.

Jen said...

Heheheh, still chuckling at the rifle facing up in the briefs. Clearly, I'm a mom of boys.

Seconding the shouldbenothings here -- I hate those in between times of waiting to find out though.

Christine said...

Hoping there's a short wait for you. I went through this a number of years ago and what I remember is how I felt during the wait for the follow-up. It sucked.