October 21, 2009

Socrates and Plato

I use the term Team Chaos in a loosely sarcastic, wry sort of tone.  I am not sure that is conveyed here or not.  Because truthfully, in many ways, I am still astounded at how easy these two ruffians have gotten to be.  The whole disappearing act they pull throughout the day as they play together in the backyard or in various places around the house.  The fact that they love going to places with me and meeting new people.  I purposely do not do things like the grocery store, Post Office and Target runs while they are in school because I try to save those activities for when they can come with me.  Or how about this?  I went to the car wash with them awhile back.  While there, I cleared the car of all items, completely dismantled the carseats and thoroughly gave the car a good washing and vacuuming.  Team Chaos played nearby the car the entire time, happy as clams.  For nearly two hours.  How lucky am I?  This means I can save my Kid Free Time for fun activities - like hanging towel rods and regrouting showers and sorting through mountains of paper and catching up on my backlog of Salacious, Kid-Unfriendly TV lingering on the DVR.

Everything these days is "family time" with Anjali.  If she is playing with any sort of animals, there must be a "mama and baby" (big and small).  If there are extra parts, even better, because then she will act out the "daddy and brother" parts.  This applies to cars, trains, animals, Strawberry Shortcake, Kai-lan and Spiderman.  Yes, we have Baby Spiderman and Mama Spiderman in our house, don't you??  It is cute, to a point.  Not so cute, when she throws a fit because she has the "mama" OR the "baby" but not BOTH.  And that little tink of a girl can scream like a banshee.

Mama Kai-lan and Baby Kai-lan, let no man tear them asunder, trust me.  OH DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS, TRUST ME.

Anjali has adopted a mannerism that can best be described as the I Am Sorry handmove.  As in, "Sorry, Mama.  We have no milk. SORRY" or "Sorry, Mama.  I spilled leaves all over the floor.  SORRY." or "Sorry, Mama.  I can't find Baby Elephant. SORRY."  And believe, me - no one is as sorry as I am when the missing half of a Beloved Mama/Baby Pair cannot be located.

Last week, we went to the Toy Store in Lawrence to get Arun yet another lizard and another allosaurus dinosaur.  Because you see, when you are 4 years old, you can never, ever have enough lizards or dinosaurs.  Trust me.  While we driving to the store, Arun pondered what we should get Anjali, who was sleeping in her carseat, unaware of our destination.  Arun was very concerned that she would sleep through the visit and leave empty-handed..  "We will get her a tortoise, she likes tortoises.  That would make her happy." he decided.   She woke up before we arrived and ended up with elephants, instead, but no matter.  Arun had her back, just in case.  After the toy store visit, we went to have a snack at the Mad Greek.  While I enjoyed some hot feta cheese dip and saganaki (the flaming cheese), Arun and Anjali happily created games to play with their new animal purchases.

As all parents are aware, you cannot force your children to be nice to each other.  Oh sure, you can force them to play the part and go through the motions., but you cannot actually make them like each other.

One of my favorites bits of being a parent is simply watching my children hang out together.

Arun and Anjali playing with his favorite birthday! present! ever! mama! - the desert monitor.
It's early morning, Anjali and I have just woken up.  We are snuggling in bed, talking about what we will do that day.  It's on of my favorite parts of the day.  The snuggling.  The whispering.

Anju: Are you happy, Mama?
Me: Yes.
Anju: I want you to be HAPPY, Mama.
Me: I am happy, Anju.
Anju: Mama?
Me: Yes, Anju.

Anju: WHY are you happy, Mama?

Anjali: I like rain with snowflakes on it.
Arun: You mean SNOW, Anju.
Anjali: NO!!!  I like RAIN with SNOWFLAKES on it, Ah-woon!

Anju: Mama, Lucy scratched me.  LUCY SCRATCHED ME.
Me (looking at Lucy): Lucy, say sorry.
(Several seconds pass as the dog cocks her head and stares at both of us as only a Westie can with such pretty, perky ears )

Anju: MAMA, Lucy can't TALK.  That's silly!

Arun wanted to use a particular bowl for cereal, but I pointed out another bowl would work better.
Me: Trust me, Grasshopper.
Arun: I'm not a GRASSHOPPER!  I'm a CRICKET.

Arun (motioning towards a Stormtrooper action figure): Mama, what is this?
Me: That is a Stormtrooper from the Star Wars movie.  They are bad guys and their boss is Darth Vader.

Minutes have passed. 
Arun: Mama, what is this?
Me: A Stormtrooper

More minutes passing.....
Arun: Mama, what is this, again?
Me: A Stormtrooper

And yes, yet more minutes pass .........
Arun: Mama, what is this?
Anju (exasperated): It's a STORMTROOPER, Ah-woon.  It's a type of BAD GUY.


As reported by Anjali's teacher, apparently Anju got antsy during show n' tell and wished that everyone would pick up the pace a bit so she could get to digging out her bag of mama and baby lizards.  She let everyone in the class know this by impatiently  announcing "Come ON, let's GO!!"  The teacher thought it was hilarious.

Welcome to my world, teacher lady.

Lest you accuse me of being sappy or dear God, a mommyblogger, let me throw out some gratuitous random snappage for your mocking pleasure...... 

Hillbilly Bumpkins

Missing some teeth action there, yo!

Seeing Red!

FULL ON Rainbow Action Over the the Free State Brewery and Liberty Hall in Lawrence KS Last Night
I have to admit, I may play with these photos later  to see if I can get the rainbow to pop a bit.  Still it, was some fun lighting with which to play!


Gori Girl said...

Seriously, they rock! ;-) Especially liked the tortoise and Stormtrooper anecdotes.

... My only complaint would be that you might be setting expectations too high for us childless people.

Christine said...

I love Lawrence.

See, now you've made me all weepy twice. First since my beasties don't get along nearly that well, and second because now I want to move. And let's not forget the SNOW. I miss snow!

Amira @ DefineMature.com said...

Gorgeous children and it's awesome that they get along so well.

The rest of us can only hope for that kind of relationship between our children.

Way to set the bar high...

Cara said...

I love these kid stories and that you take the time to share them with us.

D. Jain said...

This was a wonderful post! I love reading about the relationship between Anju and "Ah-woon."

I agree with Gori Girl...I hope one day I have kids half as sweet together as yours are. Not mean to each other like my sister and I used to be sometimes...

aibee said...

I love reading about your kids. Love it, x a billion.

Olivia said...

It's wonderful your children get along so well. I really hope when we have two they will like each other.

CPA Mom said...

These are my favorite posts...snaps and verbiage from Team Chaos. Love, love, love it. xoxo

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

That's some nice architecture on Main Street-looks like it's straight out of Babbitt.