October 27, 2009

Not Here.

Today, I am posting over at Brit's place, who is celebrating her 5th blogging anniversary this week.

Brit is simply one of my favorite Imaginary Friends (in a close tie with the venerable Monkey, they can duke it out if they so desire.)  Imaginary Friends, you say?  You know the type,  the fake, imposters that we meet in this phony world of blogging.  Yeah, those friends.

Go give Brit some love, will you?  She is truly an inspiration - with her passion for creativity and for being a good world citizen, she always has something nice to say. If that is not enough for you, then just go find out why my pants are falling down


Mamma Sarah said...

Don't you just love us imaginary friends?! :-D

Congrats on your weight loss. You really are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi I followed the link from over at the Burrow. I like what I read there and also what I see and read here, I think I might stick around and lurk a little. Del

CPA Mom said...

I left you a comment over there.