October 1, 2008

You think?

Let it be known, that when I discuss politics here, I welcome dissenting views. It never ceases to amaze me when folks get upset about Flip Flopping politicians. I argue, if a person stays static in his/her views for an entire lifetime, then surely, that person has not grown much. No? Therefore, folks need to hear ideas that may make them uncomfortable or hell, even piss them off. I do not consider comments that disagree with me trollish. I do consider comments that refer to me with some sort of negative adjective to be in the category of Trollish. I feel so fortunate to not have received a troll on this wee site thus far.

I guess what I am getting at is this: when I write about politics here it is primarily to just vent and perhaps, poke some fun in the process. If the drivel I blather on about happens to make someone think a bit, that would be great. If it makes them chuckle? Even better. Personally, I love reading others' political views. If I read your blog on a regular basis, there is a good chance that I would like to read your political view as well.

I will be voting the Obama/Biden ticket. Not because I think it is the best ticket, but because I think it is the better ticket. I do not have issues directly with McCain - if he was the same politician now as he was in 2000, he might have gotten my vote. However, Palin does concern me with her lack of knowledge. Will I vote the Democrat ticket for the rest of my life? Who knows?

My greatest political inspiration is my Aunt Peggy. It still makes me cry that she did not live to see this incredible, historic election. It pains me to no end that I will never know what she thought of the candidates. Earlier this year, when I attempted to discuss the election with her, she replied "Oh honey, I won't be here for it." I miss her so much, it hurts. Until the month prior to her death, Aunt Peggy read the Kansas City Star and the New York Times nearly every day. In her later years, she changed her staunch, conservative stance on many, many critical political views and in the end, was fairly liberal in her thinking. She even used to shake her head and say "I am afraid I am going to die a Democrat." No, no, no...... I am not saying that everyone should become a liberal as they get older, but I am saying that a person should never, ever stop reading, listening, discussing, arguing, agreeing and learning. And laughing. Do not forget the laughing.

Now, shall we move on to something sweeter?


meno said...

I remember reading a quote somewhere once that said something like:

If you never change your mind, that's because it is closed.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

yeah, people disagreed with me on my last political post and I didn't care. I thought it was kind of awesome.

I don't publish comments I see as trollish but they are never about politics or political views.

Am dying of curiosity over debates tomorrow? Will she pull it off? Have they been feeding her smart steroids?

elizasmom said...

What do you mean you don't automatically brand everyone who disagrees with you as a troll? What kind of blogger are you?!

Which is to say, I am in agreement with you, both on this and your comments several posts ago expressing irritation with the bloggers who do that.

One of favorite bloggers and I do NOT see eye to eye politically, and she will call me out (she just did today, in fact) and it is FINE. I like that she challenges me, but I am aware of my tendency to crawl up my own liberal you-know-what, so I appreciate her not letting me get away with it, even when, as is the case today, we are NEVER going to agree on the subject at hand.

jennifer said...

Excellent point about mind-changing! I totally agree. Or do I? We finally went political on our blog on Friday and Monday and started a mini-fire storm for using the title "Why we Hate Sarah."

In my post yesterday, I ruefully mention the great distance Kansas has come from its radical abolitionist roots. More proof for my Jayhawk dad that I've become an "east coast liberal" - which in itself is more proof that the political wedge of geography and class is working.