October 23, 2008

Back already?

Hmmm, posting yesterday inspired me to write some more.

A few weeks ago, I hired a photographer to take some professional quality photos of the kids. Frankly, my past experiences with Target and Portrait Innovations had left me less than impressed, so I decided to turn to an independent photographer.

Honestly? The photo shoot did not go so well. The kids were tired, Anjali was teething (I found out later) and it was quite windy at the site. Anjali spent a good amount of the shoot crying and Arun was quite spastic and running around, which does not lend itself for you know, still photography.

But, Jenn did it. She was so professional, so gentle and so patient. She has a few of the photos on her blog and that is just a small sampling of the beautiful shots she was able to wrangle out of my crabby, hyperactive children. I cannot recommend her enough - she does shoots in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas. Her sitting fees are ridiculously affordable and I am worried she is going to realize that eventually. Take advantage of her service sooner than later, folks. In fact, I was so happy with her services that I am more than willing to pay another sitting fee and try this whole thing again. If she was able to get such gorgeous shots of them while they were cranky, I can only imagine what she will be able to do when they are happy.


LL said...

Aw, great pictures!! I want to do that with Landon some day.

moderndayhermit said...

I just adore those photos! I have to admit to getting a little misty-eyed over the obviously adoring brother taking care of his sister. How precious.