February 19, 2008


Arun has been saying this a lot lately as an affirmation after stating something as fact. As in "Mama, cat says meow. Right?"

So, as you can see in my last post, my inappropriate use of sarcastic hyperbole may have been a bit too much. I do not really harbor the desire to go around punching folks in the face. I promise. Eeks, y'all. In my defense, here in the KC area, our gas pumps are littered with dire warnings and pretty pictures about the dangers of gasoline vapors and static electricity. I guess my assumption was that folks are ignoring those warnings in lieu of warming their booties while re-fueling.

Because Segues Are An Over-Rated Literary Device.

Awhile back, I asked for opinions about responding to comments. Lately, this topic has come up again. Scribbit has an excellent post about how she deals with comments. Zoot also has a post today about responding to comments. I still feel bad that I do not respond to comments. If you are a frequent commenter, chances are that you're one of my RL friends or you are a blog friend anyway, so that means I am either seeing you in person or am reading/commenting on your blog. I am hoping that is okay. In the past 2 months, as I notice new comments from new readers, I have been automatically adding those folks to my feed reader. Unfortunately, I do not usually get an email address with comments, so it is not a matter of hitting "reply" and responding. Replying within the comment section itself does not seem a good method because folks do not come back to check for a response (I know that I do not do this myself.) Anyway, I hope the status quo is working for all of us. If not, let me know. I also encourage you to read Zoot's post and comment there - this seems to be a great way to get some consensus on what folks think about the whole topic of responding to comments.

Peace. Right? Right.


Christy said...

Isn't it funny how kids repeat the same phrases/words over and over and over? Porgie is currently really into the phrase "here you go." She loves handing me pointless objects and saying, "here you go, here you go, here you go, here you go..."

The Other Dawn said...

Noise did this exact same thing at about 2, 2 and a half. And he punctuated it by pointing his pudgy little pointy finger up in the air.

Mamma Sarah said...

Alex is into "Uh Oh" over everything that falls. Then looks for confirmation that he said the right thing.

I'm totally ok with you not commenting to every comment. I just like it when you make comments on my blog. :-D Then I know someone is reading my life too. :-D

Scribbit said...

Well thanks for mentioning it, I get questions about how to handle comments all the time and I finally get around to writing about it.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The cell phone use around cars being fueled is unbelievable.

Christine said...

If it makes you feel any better, I knew about the car thing. And there are warning stickers all over our pumps.

The cell phone thing, though, that's urban legend.

I want to know more about the states that don't let you do self-serve. Why?

Rayne of Terror said...

Hey, no hard feelings. If I had to look at dire warnings every time I fill up I'd probably get frustrated too. It didn't occur to me that the stickers on the pumps were based on state law. In IL the warnings must be pretty basic cause they need lots of room to tell you how great Ethanol it.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

The snopes article just states that there have been no fires touched off from cell phone usage at gas pumps, and that fires purportedly caused by cell phone usage weren't linked to said cause. However, it does state that most pumps are adorned with statements cautioning against the use of phones.

It's the same thing as electronics on planes. How many planes have been downed by people using their ipod during takeoff? It's still a rule I prefer people to follow.

Christine said...

Didn't the Mythbusters do one on the cell phone thing, though?

Diana said...

As for the commenting, I check for responses in the comments if the blogger routinely responds to comments. Otherwise, I don't, obviously. For my blog, which is a chatty sort, I like the back and forth of answered comments on the blog as opposed to an email response. For others, it makes sense to have a more private response via email. I think it's all what YOU want.

As I get busier, my comment responding goes down. I also find that I've different sorts of blog friends, just like in real life. Some I feel compelled to comment regardless, as they always leave me a comment. Others, I can slack and just comment when I feel like I've something to contribute. Comments make us feel good about ourselves and our blogs but we also need to understand that sometimes life is busy and the comments just aren't happening.

Sorry for the rambling, you know I'm prone to it, though.

aibee said...

I...uh...don't even know what a feed reader is.

I'm too old for all this new fangley stuff.

Le (geriatric) sigh.