February 10, 2008


Note: This will be my last post until I have completed our tax returns. Unfortunately, a blog can be used by one's husband as evidence in the Court of Procrastination. *gulp*

Anjali turned 7 months on Saturday. I still remember her birth as a Hollywood Moment - the one where there is a tense birth complete with chord around the baby's neck and an OB waiting in the wings to perform a C-section, and then you push! and push! and push! and then you are presented with your wee bunting baby who immediately latches on to the breast perfectly. Cue the angels and cut to closing music. It's a wrap, folks.

Arun's birth was so very different. He had swallowed meconium in utero and therefore, he was whisked away immediately by respiratory therapists so they could suction and observe him for awhile to make sure he was breathing fine. I did not see Arun for nearly 2 hours and it was oddly quiet. I remember when they presented him, it was hard to believe that he was ours and that we had a baby. The entire hospital experience was a hazy one filled with excitement and anticipation. I flitted around my room high as a kite with adrenaline, tidying my room constantly. I gladly sent Arun to the nursery because I wanted to sleep and take care of myself. As I was being discharged, a nurse sternly warned me I needed to slow down when I got home. I did not listen to her and it took me nearly 5 weeks to heal appropriately. Conversely, with Anjali, I took it easy in the hospital and slept as much as possible with Anjali in the bed with me. I rarely sent her to the nursery - I was very anxious that she stay with me and I did not like it when she was gone. I also took it easy at home and healed within 3 weeks.

I just realized today the difference between the two experiences really lies in this simple statement:
Where Arun's birth story was also about me becoming a mother, Anjali's birth was primarily about her being born. With Arun, I was wrapped up in the whole I Am Now A Mother gig and with Anjali, I was more focused on her.

Recently in conversation with my friend R, I accidentally referred to Anjali as an "accident". I immediately corrected my mistake. Anjali was no accident - she was very much unplanned - but she was no accident. X and I had the luxury to be able to take a reproductive gamble and so here we are with two kids, very close in age.

Lately, Anjali's personality is really starting to show itself - she loves music and lights up whenever she hears any sort of song or tune. She is also already showing an independent streak that Arun is still not showing. For example, when I am feeding her, she must grab the spoon and help. No ifs, ands or buts. She is also beginning to get frustrated with her inability to move. She is also still very fascinated with anything and everything that Arun does. The only reason that I am still her favorite person is that I am also serving as a food source. I suspect once she weans, Arun will quickly usurp my position. And finally, gender stereotypes be damned. This little girl is most assuredly a Daddy's Little Girl. I had to wait 6 years for my set of bangles. X has already began searching for her set.

In short, we are just completely delighted with our Little Calculated Risk Seriously Miscalculated. Damn straight, she is the best mistake in arithmetic I ever made.

Infant Carrier
First Time

Last Time

New Carseat

7 Months

A Sprig of Hair


Mamma Sarah said...

What a risk that turned out so beautiful. I'm so glad you didn't cut her hair! It's gorgeous!

The Hunter's Prize said...

She is just beautiful.

Mojavi said...

man how she has grown so fast... seems like yesterday she was born!

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

You, Arun and Anjali look so much alike.

Loving the bangs...and her looks like it's grown into a natural baby bob. Love!

I love how weirdly huge newborn hands/feet look in relation to them.

Jen said...

That's how my first and second were (though they were 3 years, well 2 years 11 months, because people kept telling us it was harder to get pregnant the second time, so we started a month early).

The older one was perfectly happy to be dependent. He loved to have us dress him, feed him, serve him in every way. His brother on the other hand immediately had to do whatever he did. He insisted on doing everything himself -- even things his older brother wasn't doing yet.

It has calmed down a bit over the years. Though I'd have really liked it he'd waited to have a girlfriend for three extra years, rather than once again playing catch-up. (And here I'd told them 25 for dating.) He'll be 14 this month. Gulp.

Jen said...

Oh and...she's SO adorable. I think she's the cutest blogbaby I've seen!

flybunny said...

Those pictures are just gorgeous even hubby agreed that she is the most beautiful baby right behind Tyler (hee hee).

I love your thoughts on the difference in births, I think my experience with the older 2 was similar but with #3 is was even more different because it wasn't just hubby and I having a baby it was about our family adding another member that we didn't even know we needed but we absolutely could not be complete without.

Kristen said...

Oh she is so beautiful! The independent foodie made me laugh.

Caleb turned 7 months on Sunday and it takes us nearly 30 minutes to finish 1.5 ounces of bananas. I fill the spoon and try to get it in his mouth without him grabbing it. He grabs it and proceeds to dump it on his chin and chew on the spoon. He finally gets tired of chewing on the spoon and throws it down. I pick it up, wipe it off, and repeat. My husband says he is just "savoring" it.

Cagey said...

Yes, we do all look alike - I really need to post some of my own baby pictures!

YES. I hear ya, sister. I let Anju grab the spoon and then try to subtly guide the spoon in her mouth. Sigh.

Diana said...

Beyond adorable, she is! You are so right about the differences between the first and the second birth. I found that I certainly savored things more with our second.

Christy said...

I really can't believe she is 7 months old already. She looks so big sitting him her new car seat!

CPA Mom said...

Could she be ANY cuter???!!! I just want to pick her up and squeeze her...lucky for her (and you) I don't live anywhere near you. HA!

aibee said...

She's adorable, cagey, and such a girl.

The little pigtails? SO CUTE.

Jenn said...

You sure do make cute kids. I love her hair. =o)