February 27, 2008


Yes, why thank you. I hesitated popping out such a melancholy post earlier today, but am so glad I did. It gave me perspective and I really, really appreciated your comments. I am now moving on to brighter subject matter. Here we are again - back to your regularly scheduled sarcastic snarkasm (or would that be snarkastic sarcasm?)......

So, it is true - Mojavi is pregnant! She just announced it publicly and is due mid-Octoberish. Congrats, girlfriend - way to Get It On with your husband. I wonder if our weekly Wino Playdates on Friday afternoons had anything to do with this recent turn of procreative events? Speaking of which, I am now officially in a Wino Playdate Group with two pregnant gals - one in her 3rd trimester and one in her 1st trimester. Party on? Yeah. Right. More like POTTY on.

Little Miss Moonshine



Small Potatoes. The Couch Variety.

Garlic Gilroy
He asked for the garlic, so I gave him a spoon. Weirdo. I also have video footage of him licking an onion and saying "Yum!"


Early Worms


Chocolate Covered Susan said...

I love the garlic picture! That kid has some strange cravings (and probably noxious breath)! Anjali just gets more adorable every day. I have no excuse because think I got knocked up before I started attending the wino playdates. But they probably did have a lot to do with Mojavi's current status.

Mojavi said...

thanks sweetie... :)

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Cheeky is amazing-she's a DEAD ringer for you, except she took a few traits from X (the lips, I'm thinking). Also Arun? Is looking tall and healthy. Really makes you want to go "ha ha" to all those tiny baby comments from yesteryear, huh?

Rozanne said...

Those are the most adorable pix!

FFF said...

I love the small potatoes picture!