May 4, 2007

Where in the world?

This week is closing to a good end. The BoobLog is going well and I have a rhythm going with it that I am liking. I was a little worried about posting 5 times a week, but it's working out. Overall, I am glad this week is gone. Lately, my oyster of Life has been chock full of minor irritants, but none worthy of a pearl for my blog posting pleasure. The WORST kind of irritants. I mean, if Life is gonna deal you heaping scoops of poo, you should at least get an entertaining post out of it, right? Bah.

Anyway, here's a cool map of the states I've been to! It's as I suspected, I've not traveled to the south very much. Credit goes to Eliza's mom for the cool link!

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

And then for kicks, I went and did the world one which only served to tell me what I already knew. That I'm an odd bird. What sort of freak only travels to Italy and Pakistan for her big "overseas" travels? Me, that's who. I was going to include my layovers in Oman, Qatar, U.K. and France, but X loftily informed me those don't count. Bah. Whatever, spoilsport. I'd argue that an airport in Muscat is vastly different than an airport in oh, say... St. Louis. For sure, I bet the ratio of "bugs to burqas" would be a shocker.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands


Monkey McWearingChaps said...

Hey, when did you go to alaska?

Cagey said...

Nope - never been to Alaska! Actually, it doesn't show up in my USA map - it's included in the world map simply because it is part of the USA.

Diana said...

Between you and I, there's only 6 states that neither of us have been to: AK, MS, AL, GA, SC and DE. Guess neither of us have been in the South much.