May 21, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys, But Girls Will Be Girls. So what?

Boredom is Luxury
This past weekend was B.O.R.I.N.G. The best kind. I have a saying that "Boredom is a luxury" because you know what? IT IS. If my life is so devoid of stress and worries that when nothing is going on the result is that I am bored then I declare myself to be one Lucky Fuck. Anyway, all we did this weekend was eat good food, hang around outside and grapple with a teething toddler who is fighting a mild cold. Fortunately, the main problem when Arun is sick is that it's harder to get him to sleep, but once he's there, he stays. For the most part, he was in pretty good spirits as long as he was kept entertained.

I watched the Sopranos last night and have to say that this season is blowing me away. It's going at a slow pace, but is well-crafted and everything feels as if it has a "purpose". One note though, it is never, ever, ever cool for a blogger to say "We had dinner last night and then watched the Sopranos. Oh my God! I can't believe Tony {insert shocking event here}!!" The blogger provided no spoiler alert or even an indication that she was going to discuss the Sopranos! I hadn't watched episode yet and so, the episode the week before last was completely and utterly spoiled for me. Not cool. I know the blogger didn't mean to spoil it, but hello! A little caution, please.

I'm a Dirty Girl
I found a harmless house spider on the floor last week and I let Arun poke it around for awhile before I herded it on a piece of paper to let it outside. Then last night, I found a teeny earthworm and let Arun play with that, as well. But I realized something - well, actually two things. 1) X probably won't be doing those sorts of things for our kids - he is the " doesn't get his hands dirty unless he's cooking" kinda guy. I, the MOTHER, will doing those "in the dirt" things and 2) I will totally be doing the same things for my girl. Sure, I've totally sneaked a peak at the American Girl doll site and am relishing digging out my Barbies and her minions, but nature is pretty fucking cool, too.

Naturally Green (With Envy)
I actually have a bit of a Green Thumb - although, it's probably more of a lime or sage hue, rather than a True Green. But I can totally keep plants alive! Really! I swear! The problem is, I love, LOVE digging in the dirt to plant something. LOVE IT. But weeding? Not so much. Trimming? Not so much. Dead-heading? Not so much. Watering? Not so much. By August, I just want all the shit to die, motherfucker, DIE. But, as you are probably aware, it's still May and I am eying my flowerbeds with an Evil Eye while dreaming of marigolds.

Daddy, Oh!
For the most part, Arun has been all Equal Opportunity when it comes to X and I. There was a very, very brief period of time before he 6 months old when he preferred me to X, but I have to dig deep to even remember that time. When he hit separation anxiety, it really referred to both X and I - he's always been equally soothed by either of us and didn't care as long as one of us was around. Lately, the tide has turned and now Arun would prefer his father to do EVERYTHING. He will carry whatever it is that needs to be done away from me and over to X so that his daddy can do it- his syringe of medicine, his food, his drink, his shoes, his book. Only Daddy will suffice, these days. Mostly, I think it's absolutely adorable because what woman in her right mind wouldn't melt to see her child be so utterly crazy about his father? However, there are times when really, I just wish Arun would let me get it done so we can just BE DONE.


Christy said...

I love nature too, but spiders not so much. All the other creatures are okay, but not spiders. Spiders are the devil.

I can't wait until Porgie goes through the "daddy only" phase. Since birth, that child has clung to me almost continuously. She has never been soothed by daddy. Although I love being needed so much, it is a little tiring.

flybunny said...

Spiders are the main source of angst at our house with all inhabitants including hubby hating them with a passion so it is up to me to do the "saving". On the other hand my girls will catch frogs, play with worms and dig in the dirt with glee although Audrey is slowly becoming too cool for that scene - ugh the tween scene I am so not looking forward to that...

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

You saved your barbies? Awesome.

Mamma Sarah said...

Lime or Sage thumb... that's a new one. I don't think that anyone likes those evil things called weeds.

Diana said...

I have large boxes of Barbies, too. I need to get them out one rainy day.

One word for your weeding and watering woes: mulch. Two words: deeply mulch. Cuts your watering down by about 75% and your weeding by about 90%. I refuse to garden without it.

Monkey McWearingChaps said...

I emailed you something at the cage333 gmail addy, btw.

Jenn said...

I don't know. That American Girl craze is a little much for me.
Give me a Cabbage Patch Kid and a Barbie anyday. I'll kill the first person to give my daughter that American Girl Doll so that I then have to continue on that money pit trend. In NYC they have actual restaurants and stores for you to bring your daughter and her doll out on the town.

It's crazy. But let me tell you, whoever came up with that? GENIOUS!

Nature is pretty cool, and my daughter thinks so too. HOWEVER All spiders must die, and preferably I'm not the one to kill them.

CPA Mom said...

I'm the not cool blogger I bet.